Five popular stories about Oakville, Burlington, Milton that happened in 2021


Published December 20, 2021 at 2:46 pm

Although it seems like COVID-19 was the only news story during 2021, there was plenty more going on in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills.

Here’s a look back at five of the most popular stories in Halton.

5. Years after it disappeared from the Canadian retail scene, Zellers started popping up again

Canadians’ fondness for Zellers is perhaps rooted in nostalgia, but who doesn’t remember our local answer to the big-name budget retailers.

Target tried, and failed, to fill that niche in the marketplace, and Walmart has filled the gap a little bit, but our hearts will always belong to Zellers.

Now if we can just get back the blue-light special at K-Mart.

4. You saw a WHAT wandering near Halton Hills

Sure, Canada has a reputation of a great, rugged wilderness with nature at our doorstep. But it still must have been a shock when a black bear was sighted near Acton, on the northern edge of Halton Region.

It was undoubtedly scouting out some real estate before hunkering down for a long winter’s hibernation.

3. Thieves target expensive cars

When a rash of thefts of expensive cars from local driveways hit, Halton police released a surveillance video of a car being stolen in under a minute.

Perhaps a little extra security is worth the cost after spending big on a luxury vehicle.

2. Study confirms what we all know: Halton is expensive

A study by the Ontario Living Wage Network estimated the cost of living in Burlington, Oakville and Milton is the second highest in the province, trailing only Toronto.

Now a study to tell us the sky is blue.

1. Customer alleges anti-Islamic racism at Oakville restaurant

In 2021, Canadians started to reckon with the country’s dark past in its treatment of Indigenous children at Residential Schools and our dark present with racism.

This story about an incident at an Oakville restaurant occurred when passions were running high across the county.

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