Popular Thai restaurant opens new location in Mississauga

Published April 22, 2024 at 3:38 pm

Popular restaurant Thai Barn Na opens new location in Mississauga with selection of Thai rice and noodle dishes, curry, stir-fry, soups and more

One of the most popular family-owned Thai restaurants in the GTA, Thai Barn Na, has opened a brand new location in Mississauga.

The restaurant opened recently at 888 Dundas St. E. as part of the Mississauga Chinese Centre plaza, affectionately known as the city’s Chinatown.

Their new location brings over the Etobicoke restaurant’s beloved menu of authentic Thai cuisine, along with a few new dishes that are exclusive to the Mississauga location!

The extensive menu features a selection of rice and noodle dishes, curry, stir-fry, soups and more, such as their Panang Curry, Pad See Ew, and Khao Soi. This family-run business prepares dishes from authentic homemade recipes that have been passed down in their family for generations, with flavours that make guests feel like they’ve been transported to Thailand.

Everything on the menu is made from scratch with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, while dry ingredients like their flavourful spices and herbs are imported from Thailand.

Stay tuned for the launch of their new late night menu, coming exclusively to their Mississauga location.

Check out some of the most popular dishes on the menu:

  • Pad See Ew: The restaurant’s signature dish is an ultra-savoury combination of fresh rice noodles with egg, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, and Chinese broccoli. The dish is made fresh daily and is a hot commodity – once it sells out that’s it for the day!
  • Khao Soi: These irresistibly crispy egg noodles are topped with golden curry (coconut milk, shrimp paste, spring onion, red onion, crispy shallot, lime and pickled veggies).
  • My Best Pad Thai: Another one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, the rice noodles are topped with very flavourful tamarind sauce, egg, tofu, shallot, pickled radish, chive, beansprout, roasted peanut, and fresh lime juice.
  • TBN Fried Chicken: Enjoy a plate of hot and crispy fried chicken, coated with the restaurant’s signature sweet chili garlic sauce and spring onion for a taste that’s satisfyingly sweet and spicy. 
  • Pad Kra Prao with Fried Egg: A mouthwatering dish of holy basil, garlic, white onion, red bell pepper, and green bean served on jasmine rice with fried egg, cucumber, and traditional Prik Nam Pla sauce.
  • Jungle Curry: Only available at the new Mississauga restaurant, the extremely flavourful Jungle Curry is made without coconut milk and is a very popular vegan option. The curry is made with clear broth, red and green bell pepper, mushroom, bamboo shoot, kaffir lime leaves, green bean, holy basil and fingerroot, served on a hearty portion of traditional Thai jasmine rice.

While most dishes on the menu are vegetarian, many can be customized to add chicken, beef or shrimp. Guests can also customize the spiciness of their dish or make some dishes vegan, gluten-free or halal, so there’s something here to accommodate everyone’s taste.

Thai Barn Na’s mixologist-curated cocktail menu incorporates Thai herbs for a unique and authentic Thai-inspired taste, incorporating a range of ingredients like lemongrass, hibiscus tea, tamarind paste, Thai chili, tom yum powder, mint leaves, Thai basil and pineapple.

Thai Barn Na brand beer is also available exclusively at the Mississauga location.

Dessert options include the sweet and aesthetically pleasing Butterfly Pea Coconut Tapioca, authentic Mango Sticky Rice, or a decadent dish of New York style cheesecake.

Just like the original Etobicoke location, Thai Barn Na’s new restaurant exudes a charming and cozy atmosphere, with space for 30 inside the Thai-inspired interior.

There’s a lot of rich history behind Thai Barn Na. The restaurant’s name translates to “home” and “rice” to pay homage to the owners’ original home in Thailand, which was surrounded by a rice field.

Back then, every home had to grow their own rice to cover their food needs for the year, so the act of harvesting rice became a way of bringing the community together – neighbours would help each other harvest their rice when it was ready.

Thai cuisine is very much built around rice to this day, with a focus on rice dishes, rice noodles and even rice-based desserts like the mango sticky rice.

Their love for their culture and cuisine led the owners to open their first restaurant in Etobicoke. It quickly became a success due to the popular menu and the warm, friendly service, leading to many glowing reviews, regular customers and eventually the brand new Mississauga location.

The restaurant is open now at 888 Dundas St. E. and also offers catering for events, as well as direct delivery via Uber Eats and DoorDash.

For a full look at the menu and all restaurant news and updates, visit Thai Barn Na’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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