While it's certainly true that Mississauga has some gorgeous hiking trails, it's important to remember that other cities -- actually, the entire province of Ontario and, really, the entire country o
Although it's often repeated that Mississauga is Canada's sixth largest city, it's easy to dismiss it as something of an overgrown (and overflowing) bedroom community -- especially if you don't live
It’s an exciting time to live in Mississauga.
Paying for post-secondary education is already a challenge, and college or university goers can attest to the fact that textbooks are a huge expense.
Permit processing times can be lengthy, but now, high-skilled workers and Canadian employers have faster processing times for work permits!
Police and Mississauga Fire/Emergency Services are on scene for a traffic hazard this afternoon.
If you’re traveling east this weekend, a recent collision could cause some delays.
Late last year, we found out that the Square One Older Adult Centre (SOOAC) was closing down and moving to a new location
Here are some establishment you probably frequent during the evening for dinner and drinks with your friends but had no idea you can have breakfast.
Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a nice hot day in Mississauga unless you are having it on a funnel cake or a sugar cone. 
Looking for a place to take your bike and head out on an adventure for the day?
These are not the Chinese restaurants you stroll into after a club or for a quick takeout lunch. These are the Chinese restaurants you enjoy with family and close friends.
You can find some good calzones in Mississauga if you search hard enough. There aren't many standalone calzone joints, so consider ordering a calzone the next time you're at a pizza place.
Believe it or not, Mississauga has some fantastic steak options that are available at multiple price points.
In Mississauga, no matter where you eat, you will almost always find fish tacos on the menu and some are certainly better than others.
The newest addition to Mississauga's growing Mexican scene has officially opened its doors. 
Soccer fans, we've got some good news for you!
Shoppers, rejoice! Another clothing option is coming to Square One (and at a time where retail outfits are dropping like flies, no less).
If you love Portuguese chicken, you might be happy to hear that a popular restaurant is expanding and opening a brand new location in Mississauga.
If you love Mexican food, you’re in luck - a fresh Mexican food joint is coming to Mississauga.
It's officially summer (we know this not only because it's June 21, but because it's been partially sunny for at least three days in a row now) and that means that your disposable income should be
Park season is here (although you could probably argue it never left, especially if you enjoy winter hiking and biking) and you might be looking for a new outdoor destination that'll let you catch
Sure, we've seen self-serve checkouts at McDonald's and Wal-Mart, but one self-serve kiosk company seems to want to eliminate cashiers entirely.
Canada 150 celebrations are in full flow, and with that, a free concert series will be hitting Mississauga at the end of the summer.
Although no one is enjoying the wet, gloomy weather we’ve been experiencing, few can argue that a good thunder and lightning storm isn’t fun to watch.
It was a close call for a taxi and its passenger in Mississauga.
When uniformed police officers show up at a party, it’s rarely to bring good tidings to the partygoers.
If you had trouble maneuvering around the City Centre area today, it’s because M City launched (meaning you’ll soon be free to purchase a unit) and drew absolutely incredible crowds to the Square One area.
Sure, we've seen self-serve checkouts at McDonald's and Wal-Mart, but one self-serve kiosk company seems to want to eliminate cashiers entirely.
Two major entities with a presence in Mississauga may be soon joining forces — Amazon.com Inc is proposing to acquire Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion.
While credit cards are no doubt convenient, some could end up costing shoppers a little more at the register.
While selling alcohol at grocery stores has made it more convenient for consumers to purchase beer, cider, and wine, from the business end, the fee to sell alcohol is pricey. 
This Place: This 4,500+ square foot mansion sits on a stunning lot and and offers incredible outdoor space that's ideal for entertaining
When home prices, which had been sitting at record heights for months, declined a little in May, a burning question was asked:Is this the start of the housing crash?
Love them or hate them, condos are here to stay and some are, one must admit, quite spectacular in scope and scale.
If there are two things people throughout the country—and especially those in Toronto, the GTA and Vancouver—have been told often it's that the real estate market is out of control and residents
There have been recently documented controversies and tense situations occurring at the local level pertaining to publicly funded education.
Cooksville became a hub of commercial activity in early Toronto Township (now the City of Mississauga), as it was centered on the intersection of two important early roads, Dundas Street and Huront
If you managed to check out the devastating and heartbreaking 2013 film 12 Years a Slave, you probably never imagined that the film's protagonist (and author behind the autobiographical memoir the
Always a safe haven from lake storms, the harbour proper began when the Port Credit Harbour Company was founded in 1834. The construction of two wharves and a warehouse allowed for the export of goods by loading them onto larger boats that could go long distances to other parts of Canada and the world.
When it comes to festivals and events, Mississauga has no shortage of offerings.
Although the red-hot housing market has dominated discussions, a recent
Although it’s cold and rainy today, summer—and summer weather, yay!—is right around the corner.You know what that means?
Everyone is getting in on Canada 150 and decorative beverages because both are, well, pretty fun.


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