Conditions are favourable today (Saturday, May 25) for the development of severe thunderstorms and flooding.
Think you have to wait for TIFF to see a film festival?Think again!
This Place: This newly renovated home offers many great features such as an outdoor pool, garden, rec room and a gourmet kitchen.
While Malton is home to Canada’s biggest and most bustling airport, the area is also home to lower-income neighbourhoods and lacks in some supportive services.
While Malton is home to Canada’s biggest and most bustling airport, the area is also home to lower-income neighbourhoods and lacks in some supportive services.
On May 22 at around 3:35 a.m, a BMW smashed into ChiuChow Man Chinese Restaurant, located on 1177 Central Parkway West.
There was a major collision on Highway 401 eastbound at Winston Churchill in Mississauga yesterday at around 2:30 p.m.
There has been a collision on Highway 403 westbound in Mississauga.The incident occurred at Highway 403 westbound collectors at Matheson Boulevard.
Looking for an interesting veggie option in Mississauga? Why not try a deliciously flavourful and crispy dosa?
Mississauga is becoming a great home for good pizza.
Deep fried and usually crunchy, churros get even the most well-behaved of us all riled up!
It’s no secret that Mississauga has ample—and beautiful—outdoor space that’s perfect for everything from dog-walking to hiking to sightseeing.
Calling all pizza lovers!Who are we kidding? We all love pizza!And what’s better than pizza? Delicious pizza at a low price!
Mississauga is becoming a great home for good pizza.
Mississauga is home a number of popular restaurants, and sometimes the restaurants are so popular that they open multiple locations in the city.
A Mississauga restaurant belonging to a well-known dessert chain has been closed down following a failed health inspection.
If you plan on stopping by Square One soon—and if you live in Mississauga, you probably do—you won’t find yourself pressed for shopping or dining options.
If you feel a craving for a latte coming on while shopping at Square One in Mississauga, you will not have to travel far to find one.
The space that was once home to West 50—one of the city’s most vibrant nightlife venues—has been vacant for over two years.But that will change at the end of the month.
Losing a beloved restaurant is never easy, but sometimes the sting is diminished by the appearance of a brand new food spot.
When it comes to health and fitness, there is no shortage of facilities in Mississauga—but not every gym or athletic club is created equal.
If you are currently planning what to do over the summer holidays, VIA Rail is offering something that would make your decision a little easier!
No Frills, the popular Canadian grocery store, has launched a new animated video game.
It might not feel like summer just yet, but June is just days away, and that means that all of the spectacular gatherings we associate with summer—proms, weddings, bridal showers, trips and more—
Emergency crews are responding to a blaze at a condominium in Mississauga.
Rick and Khaled talk about Mississauga, Brampton and popular topics from around the world!Mississauga & Brampton topics:
When Capra’s Kitchen opened its doors in Mississauga, the food scene changed.
Officers are seeking the public’s help as they investigate an attempted murder in Mississauga.The incident happened at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.
Nowadays, more often than not, when you go into a restaurant your drink will either come with a cardboard straw or no straw at all, as opposed to a plastic straw - all in efforts to help protect th
Opening a restaurant has always been a dream for long-time friends Frank Mazzonetto and Anthony Maniccia.
The City of Mississauga is now home to an exciting new indie cafe, Halo Espresso Bar.And this cafe, located at 3024 Hurontario St., has lots to offer. 
Now that it’s officially 2019, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about your list of New Year’s resolutions.
It was recently noted that the demand for houses in Mississauga has increased.
While housing has long been expensive in Mississauga and surrounding cities, there once was a time when renting was a genuinely cheaper alternative to buying.
This Place: With over 6400 square feet of living space, this classic house would make the best family home.
This Place: Located on a lush private estate lot, this mansion has a great interior with an even more magnificent exterior.
History is fascinating, and so is the city you live in!
Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga is over 40 years old and has always been growing and expanding. Let's look back though these incredible images of Square One when it was first built way back in 1973.
Until the 1960s, the Region of Peel was composed of a variety of small jurisdictions, both rural townships and incorporated villages.
You've probably driven by the Mississauga City Hall and wondered why and how they came up with that design.
A well-known Canadian airline is about to undergo some significant changes.
Air Canada has been ranked as one of the worst airlines in the world when it comes to flight delays.
Summer is almost here, so it’s time to plan a road trip!
Many Canadians do not realize that we have a distinct accent. In fact, the Canadian accent was recently rated the 13th sexiest accent in the world.