Peel Region wants to be first in line for future shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Federal Conservatives are moving to kick out an Ontario MP from federal caucus because he accepted a donation from a former Mississauga mayoral candidate and high school teacher who has long-standi
The City of Mississauga has selected a new permanent fire chief. 
Khaled Iwamura chats with Mayor Bonnie Crombie about what’s going on in Mississauga - January 18, 2021
TORONTO -- Ontario is reporting 2,655 new cases of COVID-19 today and 89 more deaths linked to the virus.
Pediatric and mental health experts say pandemic stress is driving a spike in eating disorders among adolescents and teens, pointing to school disruptions, social isolation and infection fears as d
Canadians will be watching with bated breath as a new U.S. president takes office today.
Enforcement of COVID-19 rules is ramping up in the Greater Toronto Area, with several big box retailers facing fines over alleged violations.
It’s the new year and it’s time to get creative during a pandemic. We’ve rounded up five fun things to do that will keep you safe, yet entertained.
The sound of the crunch from a chicken sandwich fills the room. The aroma can be recognized from miles away and there is no doubt that these sandwiches make the perfect treat after a long day.
Staying in is the new norm and it can be hard to come up with creative and fun things to do, especially as we ring in the new year. We’ve rounded up five fun things you can do to make the most
Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate the news, a lot has happened this year in Mississauga that has nothing to do with the novel coronavirus. 


The city’s food scene is as diverse as it is exciting, and it welcomes highly anticipated restos each and every year.
The food scene in Mississauga is always evolving so foodies might be happy to hear that a new Pakistani and Indian restaurant is now open here in the city.
On Tuesday (January 12), the province declared a state of emergency and implemented another stay-at-home order.
Despite the fact restaurants have been prohibited from offering dine-in services, many are offering takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup.
The food scene in Mississauga is always evolving so foodies might be happy to hear that a new Pakistani and Indian restaurant is now open here in the city.
Baked goods are always a treat, so diners might be happy to hear that a new bakery is now open in Square One in Mississauga.
We’re of the opinion that you can’t have too many good burger joints, and this popular Mississauga restaurant definitely agrees with us.
Those who love Vietnamese cuisine have a lot to look forward to with this new restaurant opening soon in Mississauga.
Mississauga is a city that has been built from the ground up; as such, large scale infrastructure projects are no stranger to Canada's sixth largest city.
The last 10 months have been incredibly difficult for many Canadians, as thousands have died due to COVID-19.
Ajitha Stanislaus of Brampton is one step closer to claiming a lottery win of $50,000 with Instant Crossword (Game #3228).
Cardon Douglas is feeling pretty good today.You would, too, if you just won $275,000.
Air Canada announced that it's laying off employees and cutting its capacity in response the COVID-19 pandemic.
TORONTO -- Ontario has declared a state of emergency and issued a stay-at-home order that will take effect Thursday in response to surging COVID-19 infections that threaten to overrun the health-car
TORONTO -- The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has slammed new provincial lockdown rules in Ontario, saying they are unfair to small businesses.
An Ontario union is urging the province to do better when it comes to providing vaccines for front-line workers.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian Real Estate Association says home sales in December hit an all-time record for the month to end what was also a record year.
With so many real estate brokerages in the GTHA, it can be a daunting task trying to choose which one to sell your house with.
Are you trying to decide between renovating your Mississauga (or Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Halton Hills) home or selling it?
The pandemic hurt—and continues to hurt—a slew of industries, but it did little to cool Mississauga's red hot housing market.
When you really think about it, the name 'Mississauga' sounds pretty cool—especially when considering the fact that much worse names were proposed for the city. 
Have you ever wondered about a little gated community in the Streetsville area?
Streetsville is pretty quaint and fairly modern—even though it’s got a lot of old school charm—right now, but it’s got a ton of history (which probably doesn’t surprise anyone). 
Development started over 50 years ago in the late 1960s when the McLaughlin Group began to purchase the surrounding farmland, namely the Hodges, Hepton, McCauley and Davidson fa
Porter Airlines has announced it has extended its temporary suspension of flights.The airline previously suspended all flights on March 21, 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic.
With several high-profile Canadians having been caught travelling abroad during the holidays, the federal government is making changes to the current COVID-19 benefits.
Toronto Pearson International Airport announced it has launched a COVID-19 testing program that began on Wednesday (January 6).
The Canadian government is reporting a total of 28 flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases that either departed or arrived at Pearson Airport over the past week.