Every driver knows to stop at a red light, but you may want to be extra diligent about how exactly you "stop." 
Here is what's open, closed and events on Victoria Day Monday, May 21 in Mississauga in 2018.
May is the month theme parks open for the summer, and most adrenaline junkies are itching to ride some roller coasters and water slides.
It's no secret that it's expensive to live in Mississauga.
If you're from one of Canada's biggest municipalities, a not-so-far-away city wants you—yes, you—to pack your bags and set up shop within its quainter, quieter borders.
Have you purchased a lucky ticket?A handful of residents across Ontario will be finding themselves a lot richer following the Lotto Max draw on Friday, May 18.
Police and family are concerned for the well-being and safety of a missing Mississauga man.
Planet or plastic … those three words grace the June 2018 cover of National Geographic magazine but one Mississauga gym owner has been asking that very question for years.
Here are the some of the best breakfast spots in Mississauga that you probably didn't know about or didn't know they served breakfast. 
This little lakeside village Port Credit has a little something for everyone.
Looking for a laid back way to spend a summer evening? Grab your blankets and popcorn and pull up to a drive-in movie theatre!
Summer isn’t really here until you’ve packed up the car for a day at the beach (undubitably rockin’ a pair of faded, fringed cutoffs and a beater).
While there is no shortage of recreational opportunities in Mississauga, it’s still nice to see something new come to the city.
In winter 2017, the Toronto/GTA real estate market started making headlines across the country.
While new housing developments always get a lot of attention, some are more controversial than others.
Physical inactivity is a big problem that’s putting the health of Canadians at risk and 83 per cent rate it as the most serious health issue facing society - even worse than tobacco and alcohol use
This little lakeside village Port Credit has a little something for everyone.
There is no battle more serious and important than the battle between a city and a town vying to be recognized as the best place to go for exceptional fries.
Sometimes you just want a massive plate of food. Maybe you've been working all day. Maybe you've killed it at the gym. Maybe you just really, really like to eat.
The weather is finally warm, and with warm weather comes very interesting cold drinks! 
It's no secret that almost every major GTA city could use more medical facilities.
Sometimes you want that fine dining feel without the fine dining prices, and fortunately a new restaurant will allow you to do just that.
Hungry for a buffet?A brand new restaurant in Mississauga has you covered.
Something wicked this way comes... to Mississauga.
It’s finally feeling like summer in Mississauga, and with summer comes a ton of awesome events at Celebration Square! 
If there's one thing a lot of people love to do, it's crack open a cold one and relax.
It’s a place any twenty-something would only dream of going to.And it could actually be closer to home if we ask enough times.
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
An explosion has ripped through a commercial building in Mississauga. 
There is no moment like one that’s caught on video and immortalized on the internet forever—and Mississauga had a lot of those this year.
You know that “if I fits, I sits” meme that only applies to cats attempting to squeeze themselves into egg cartons and tiny Chinese takeout containers?
The corner of Mavis and Dundas Streets, halfway between Erindale and Cooksville, was rocked the evening of Sunday, November 10, 1979.
As a city that’s always seeing new and exciting developments, it’s no surprise that Mississauga is getting a brand new centre that’s geared entirely towards innovation. 
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
It’s not too late to work on that summer body.
Mostly when you're hear the latest news about Starbucks, it's usually where they are opening next. Rarely do you see one shut down.
Canadian homes sales are continuing to fall across the country.
This Place: The expression "it's got great bones" almost seems custom-made for this brand new Lakeview house with a stunning interior, open-concept layout and finished basement tha
It’s spring — how’s the luxury real estate market in Canada’s largest cities?
The numbers are in.For April, that is.
Erin Mills Town Centre premiered their new glass sphere a couple of years ago, and it’s officially the new centerpiece of the mall.
Have you ever wondered about a little gated community in the Streetsville area?
When you really think about it, the name 'Mississauga' sounds pretty cool.
8 - DixieFirst Area Land Grant 1806Accepted Establishment Date 1864First Post Office 1864 (Fountain Hill, later changed to Dixie)Dates of Significance 1810 (Oldest Mississauga cemetery established)
The future is closer than you may think.At Google I/O 2018 last week, CEO Sundar Pichai presented a demo for the newest step forward for the Google Assistant.
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
Weddings, for many, are not quite as important as they were even 20 years ago.
From wild turkey chases to people driving their cars backwards in the wrong lanes, anything is possible in Brampton.


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