While many residents are wary of new construction (especially condo construction) and warn of increased gridlock, change—though always uncomfortable for some time—can be good and it looks like th
We've said it before and we'll say it again—we're probably one of the luckiest cities in the GTA.
For years, Peel Region has been growing at an exponential rate, but much of that growth has centred on development around the automobile.
Whether you've had these sweets at a carnival or in France, sometimes you just get a craving for these popular, mouth-watering (and sometimes burning hot) desserts in Mississauga.
If you've always wanted more urban food festivals in the city, your wish is about to come true—the annual Toronto Mac 'N Cheese Festival is making its way to Mississauga this summer.
Ahhhh Macarons! These beautiful and delicate French pastries have exploded in popularity and today we celebrate Macaron Day! 
While almost everyone knows Winterlicious is about to kick off in Toronto, they should also be aware that they don't have to travel too far east to enjoy a special prix-fixe menu celebration.
Even if you straight up hate fast food (which perhaps you do on principle, because it's hard to argue that quick-service burgers aren't tasty), you probably love McDonald's breakfast because, well,
Although most buying and selling interactions arranged online go smoothly enough, unfortunate incidents can indeed occur.
For years, Peel Region has been growing at an exponential rate, but much of that growth has centred on development around the automobile.
A three-car collision could make your evening commute a little lengthier in Mississauga.
Police are hunting for a suspect following a recent bank robbery in Mississauga.
Fine dining is a fine art that takes a combined effort of both the front of house and the back of house where service, food and atmosphere have to come together to create the overall fine dining ex
Bagel & lox is a traditional breakfast plate that features a toasted bagel (usually pumpernickel) cream cheese, lox (a type of cured salmon that is rare, smoked salmon is often used in it
In late 2016, we learned that the controversial Walmart that was slated to take shape in a new plaza in Lakeview in Mississauga will not be opening.
I recently took up running with a small group of friends in Mississauga. We go to various places around the city and run short runs, approximately two km one way and another two km back again.
A few different restaurants have come and gone in the long-standing Winston Churchill plaza near Dundas in Mississauga.
Nordstrom Rack is opening in Mississauga!
A new all-day breakfast joint has opened in Port Credit.
Now that the holidays are over, you may be left with a few gifts that aren't appropriate for you, but perfect for someone else.
If you missed the supermoon, no need to worry—we’ve got a spectacular video just for you in three views! 
There have been some new developments in the unfolding story surrounding two Oakville brothers who went missing in Mississauga last weekend.
So, this is why the 401 was closed last night! 
Recently, the CB&C Leasing Inc. dealership (located on Royal Windsor Drive near Mississauga) reported that a Mercedes was stolen from their property.
Whether you consider it a good thing or not, Mississauga is a city that—for now, at least—is best known for a mall.
Looks like Raptors 905 Head Coach Jerry Stackhouse is moving in the right direction for his first year as a pro head coach.
The Raptors 905 were at the mercy of their own errors on the way to a 99-95 loss to the Erie Bayhawks.
Mississauga is a popular destination for movie crews from around the world. The quaint neighbourhoods and upbeat downtown core provide a backdrop that we can be proud of for any movie.
In a world where technology dominates so many aspects of life, people—and the academic institutions that train them—must be aware of innovative new professions that, while new, will become critic
The economy is in a tough state and we are continually hearing about layoffs, cutbacks and the unemployment rate.
Whether you are a new graduate or you have not been in a formal class setting in decades - 2017 is the year to go back to school.
Information technology (IT) is a hot industry to be a part of right now. IT personnel are in high demand as the sector continues its rapid growth and innovation.
For the past few years, real estate prices have varied wildly across the country, with homeowners in Vancouver, Toronto and the overall GTA (which, of course, includes Mississauga) paying sig
House prices in Canada—and the GTA in particular—have been a hot topic for a few years now.
This Place: This super-modern Port Credit semi-detached house is sleek, stylish and move-in ready
This Place: This iconic property is an absolute palace that's incredibly elegant and full of stunning luxuries, such as an indoor pool and spacious sauna
When you think about historical buildings, you might think of such cultural landmarks as Toronto's Keg Mansion or Mackenzie house, never realizing that truly historical buildings are really just st
Mississauga isn't commonly associated with historical executions (it's not France, after all), but its suburban lands once saw people sent to the gallows for horrific murders. 
Let’s see how much of a Mississauga history buff you are. Try to guess when these photos were taken.
Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga is turning 40 years old and is expanding once again. Let's look back though these incredible images of Square One when it was first built way back in 1973.
New Year's Eve is different from Christmas in the sense that anything -- well, almost anything -- goes. You can get a little sloppier.
President Obama, who has been spending a little time with brand new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the past couple days, has been to Mississauga.
Big cities can be strange places. Filled with literally millions of people, the human traffic -- constant but impersonal -- can be incredibly isolating.
The company holiday party is a strange beast.


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