Summer isn’t really here until you’ve packed up the car for a day at the beach (undubitably rockin’ a pair of faded, fringed cutoffs and a beater).
Flexible schedules and 'Summer Fridays' are incentives many employees want, but most Canadian employers seem to have missed the memo, according to a new OfficeTeam survey.
This Place: All glam, all the time—this house has chic and sexy finishes and more than a few ultra-lux touches that make it a pretty unbeatable property
Sad news, Mississauga. A popular tea joint in Port Credit has shut its doors. 
A Mississauga teen is facing charges in connection with a home invasion that took place in Oakville.
Peel Regional Police have reported that five males and one female have been arrested for possession of thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs. Police are searching for two more suspects.
With tons of wasted food in Peel region, it'd be ideal if Mississauga responded with a solution.
Four people are facing charges in connection with the discovery of drugs, cash and a firearm during searches of two Mississauga residences.
There a lots of Thai restaurants in the city, but there a few that fly under the radar, that are just as deserving of the crowds.
The million dollar question is where to eat with the family.
When I was young and in possession of a weak, pathetic and inept palate, I hated the succulent and splendid delicacy that is eggs benedict.
May is the month theme parks open for the summer, and most adrenaline junkies are itching to ride some roller coasters and water slides.
The million dollar question is where to eat with the family.
When I was young and in possession of a weak, pathetic and inept palate, I hated the succulent and splendid delicacy that is eggs benedict.
Taco Bell Canada seems to be trying to reclaim a spot as a popular fast-food joint this year.
In 2015, it’s mind boggling that we are not a hotbed of burger joints like our neighbors to the east. 
Is there truly such a thing as too much falafel?Probably not.
If you've been looking for a brand new gaming and sports bar, you might be happy to hear that one is slated to open in Mississauga very, very soon.
If you've been looking for more healthy juice and salad spots, you are in luck—a brand new cold-pressed juice and salad bar just opened its doors on Lakeshore in Port Credit.
You know how the old saying goes—when one door closes, another one opens.
Looking for a fun, outdoor event this weekend?
Everyone is getting in on Canada 150 and decorative beverages because both are, well, pretty fun.
An American retailer targeting big dudes is now open in Mississauga.
Multiple residents were forced to evacuate their units after a major blaze broke out at a Mississauga apartment building.
A Mississauga firefighter has sustained minor injuries following a blaze at a residential home on Terragar Blvd. 
Emergency crews were called to an Aquitaine apartment building in Mississauga on Monday evening after a car parked close to the building caught fire and became fully engulfed in flames.
Just after midnight there was a scary moments for passengers on Air Canada Airbus 320 as it went off the runway after landing on runway 15R at Pearson International Airport.
It doesn't matter how old you are—you need great games on your phone.
Perhaps you are tired from a long week of work and just want to lounge around, perhaps you have a to-do list a mile long and no desire to start hacking away at it anytime soon, or perhaps you are j
Career fairs are an excellent free resource to learn about different employers, jobs, careers, and industries, as well as continuing education.
This Place: This chic bungalow comes with a ton of natural outdoor beauty and boasts a massive main floor
Living in Mississauga comes with quite a price tag, especially for those entering the housing market or taking public transit.
Say what you will about condos, they're not going anywhere (not with detached house prices at near-peak levels) and they do add a little urban sophistication to the landscape.
It's no secret that the Absolute Marilyn Monroe towers fundamentally—and positively, we think—altered the Mississauga skyline.
For years now, it has seemed like the days of the old school movie theatre are long over.
When people think of Black History Month, they often think of devastating stories of enslavement and discrimination.
Hazel McCallion turns 96 today! Not only is today Valentine’s Day, it’s the very first Hazel McCallion Day in the province of Ontario. Mississauga has changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still Hazel Country. Take a look at photos of Mississauga’s Mayor Hazel McCallion through the past four decades.
Our city has undergone vast changes - both in terms of overall development, and in the sheer number of people who call Mississauga home today.
When uniformed police officers show up at a party, it’s rarely to bring good tidings to the partygoers.
Summer is coming, and that means road trip season is about to kick off. 
When I write about the plight of dead or dying malls, I usually try not to single out one mall or another, preferring to talk about them in a general context.
Lottery winners are prevalent in Mississauga, and while we are a lucky city, understanding how to manage a large sum of money is important for anyone who receives an unexpected financial wind


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