When you think of city-run or endorsed Halloween events, you might think of predominantly kid-oriented festivities that are more appropriate for families.
October 21 to 23 This weekend in Mississauga there’s a lot going on! Check out all the events going on in the city below:
If you like stargazing, you might be happy to know that the Orionids meteor shower is set to hit its peak this weekend, according to a recent Science Alert
If you're into Forever 21, we've got huge news for you—the brand's Forever 21 Under $15 store just came to Canada and opened at Dixie Outlet Mall in Mississauga.
Mississauga is becoming a great home for good pizza. I have searched high and low in the city to help you satisfy your pizza craving no matter what style of pizza you want and here is my list of the top five pizza places.
Do you like pumpkin spice lattes? Do you abhor them?
Dinner is the ideal date. You get to eat, drink, relax and get to know someone. If things go sour, you can pretend to be immersed in your pasta and then feign food poisoning.
It's Saturday night and you favourite sports team is about to play or you want to watch a good fight.
The tragic death of a young, eight-year-old boy has his mother lobbying for change in how the province tracks and reports medication errors.
Three men—including one from Mississauga—have been arrested and charged in connection with a credit card fraud investigation and Toronto police fear there may be more victims.
It looks like a female robber is on the loose in Mississauga!
You already know that auto insurance doesn't come cheap, but did you know you're paying a lot in Mississauga?
Some of the best and most popular restaurants started as a hole-in-the-wall which is defined as "a small place (such as a bar or restaurant) that is not fancy or expensive, and is often out-of-the-
Before writing this article, it was not apparent to me that the definition of a "ladies' night" is both varied and contentious.
In this neck of the woods, the smoked meat sandwich that's king is Montreal smoked meat and there are some great places in Mississauga to get one. 
One of the most popular cuisines for almost any occasion is Italian and Mississauga has some good restaurants to choose from.
If you've been hoping for more community sport spaces in the city, you are in luck.
If you’ve been looking for a restaurant that’s ideal for lunch and baked goods, we have some good news for you—a new one just opened up in the Cooksville area in Mississauga. 
Flip A Coin restaurant recently opened in Port Credit and took over the space formerly known as Sassy Teas on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. W just east of Mississauga Rd.
Morals Village is one of the few hot pot restaurants that recently opened its doors in Mississauga. 
With temperatures expected to dip into the high teens this weekend (noooo!), you might want to stay indoors.
Never let anyone tell you that Mississauga isn't home to fabulous permanent and temporary artistic exhibits that compel people to think and lift the city's profile.
When people think of art, they might think of internationally renowned pieces stored in famous and prestigious galleries.
If you're a big blues lover -- or just excited that Port Credit is about to experience the much-anticipated annual festival that's exclusive to Mississauga -- you are in luck!
Not all heroes wear capes, as the old saying goes.  In fact, one of the most noble, heroic things you can do is pick up trash that's just lying on the ground. 
Hazel McCallion, Mississauga's larger-than-life mayor for 36 years, was first elected Mayor in November 1978.
Students at Gordon Graydon Memorial High School were recently awarded $20,000 from Samsung for being one of eleven national finalists in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge.
Paramount Fine Foods, the fast-growing Middle Eastern restaurant that opened its first ever location in Mississauga, has committed to providing up to 100 jobs for Syrian refugees.
The Place: It's hard to find words to describe this stunningly luxurious 5,300 sq. ft.
I know, I know -- everyone hates condos. To some residents, they're nothing but gargantuan eyesores that infest the skyline and rob the city of its precious green space.
It doesn’t look like Mississauga’s scalding hot housing market is going to cool off any time soon and that’s good news if you’re selling and bad news if you’re buying (and both good and bad news if
If you're shopping for a home in Mississauga, you're dealing with a challenging market that's somewhat devoid of robust inventory.
If you searching for more stories from the "other side", here are a handful of other sites in Mississauga that might engage and inspire you.
Ashley Newport recently wrote a column for insauga.com titled "Who's After Hazel McCallion?" Many readers might be surprised to learn, there was actually a time before Hazel was Mayor of Mississauga.
The corner of Mavis and Dundas Streets, halfway between Erindale and Cooksville, was rocked the evening of Sunday, November 10, 1979.
When the survey of the northern portion of Toronto Township was completed in 1819, survey contractor Timothy Street received permission to build a saw and grist mill.
Fall seems to be almost everyone's favourite time of year and it's somewhat (only somewhat) easy to see why. In a perfect world, everyone would act right and agree that summer (especially in Canada) is the superior season.
Congratulations! You're 20-something years old and your skin is tight and free (for now) of visible sun damage and you're allowed to jet off to Mongolia for a year to "find yourself." You can go to Mongolia at any age, but the frown lines in your parent's brow will be deeper if you set sail at 42.
If you've ever worked in retail in Mississauga (or are currently toiling in a store to amass some shekels), you know the environment exposes you to the semi-best and ultimate worst of humanity.
Over the years, we've talked extensively about things we wish we had (a subway, our own St Lawrence Market, more signature music festivals, etc.).


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