Top 5 Burgers in Mississauga

In Mississauga it’s mind boggling that we are not a hotbed of burger joints like our neighbors to the east Toronto. Long gone are burger places like Fatso’s and Full Bite Burgers that would have for sure been on this list, but are now in burger joint heaven.

If a burger is on the menu, that is what I will order time and time again. I’m easy that way but hard to please in the burger department.  I always say you can tell how good a restaurant is by the way their burgers taste.

In my opinion a great burger is a perfect balance of taste, quality and price. You might think that this is simple, but what else is a good burger all about?

Here is a list of the best burgers in Mississauga in no particular order. Each burger has its own uniqueness and greatness to it so try them all. You will thank me.
On The Bun Burgers - “Cheese Burger”
I honestly didn’t expect much considering the recent influx of subpar over priced chain burger joints popping up in Mississauga. 

I was greeted by who I know now as the owner “Mo” and ordered a Cheese Burger Combo with fries. 

No word of a lie this might be one of the best burgers I’ve had in Mississauga, and it might have taken the title of top beef in my books. And it doesn’t break the bank for under $10.

The meat was nice and juicy, the cheese was melting off the meat, the buns nice and soft and the fries were not just an afterthought being crispy and golden. The fries were actually as good as the burger itself which doesn’t usually happen at burger joint. Be sure to check out the Off The Bun (fries) Menu which features unique recipes including Masala Fries and Apple Butter Fries. 

Mo’s statement was true, the food tasted damn good and FRESH!

Ten Restaurant
- “St. Williams Cheeseburger”
This is one of the best put together burgers I’ve had in Mississauga (8oz | truffle + day picked mushrooms, maple smoked cheddar, house cut fries). The beef was fresh and moist, and the bacon crispy. The mushrooms were seasoned well and the portion was reasonable when compared to other burgers, where it was just an afterthought.  I typically find that heavily topped burgers are created to cover something up, like the use of low quality beef, but this burger has proved me wrong. The toppings were obviously carefully selected to create the St. Williams Cheeseburger and it worked perfectly. I also had it with house cut fries which were nice and crispy.

The only comment I have about the burger/fries is the price tag, totalling $18.97 (with bacon). However, for one of the best burgers in Mississauga this time it’s worth it once in a while.

Union Social
“Smokehouse Deluxe Burger”
Located in the North West end of Mississauga by the big Royal Bank building is a restaurant called Union Social Eatery. This place has a really cool vibe and you would definitely not think you are in a strip mall in Sauga. The burgers at Union Social are house made and hand pressed. You can tell this place takes pride in their food and this is no different for the burgers. The Smokehouse Deluxe Burger wasn’t the biggest burger on the list but it was one of the best tasting in Mississauga and with the cost at $12.97 it’s a great deal too. Not to mention that these fries were one of the best I’ve had in Mississauga, perhaps another top 5.

Burger Factory - “Hamburger”
This burger joint just north of Dixie and Eglinton. I’m all about indie burger joints, and as soon as I heard of this place, I was in line. I ordered the hamburger, and to my delight, I saw them take out a new tray of fresh pink meat to be placed on the griddle to cook. Griddle burgers are sooo good as it keeps all the fat in! I had it with just ketchup, mustard, onions and tomatoes, and the meat was nice, juicy and thick. The burger meat itself was seasoned perfectly, but at $4.99 for the burger you simply can’t go wrong.

C & Dubbs Hamburgers - “Classic Burger”
On the east side of Dundas is an old-school burger joint that has been around for about 35 years, but 8 years in their current location. They occupied the house beside their current location before that where C & Dubbs claim to fame was being in the movie Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) with the pickle racing scene on the window panes. This place is old-school and I love it. Nothing fancy - just great burgers! They do have a Super Sumo Burger that is a 1 1/2 pound burger, but I stuck to the 5oz “Classic Burger”. I didn’t need anything fancy and had it with onions, ketchup and tomatoes. You can tell that these guys have been doing it for a while, as the beef was cooked to perfection; that soft beef that melts in your mouth. And just enough grease to makes your fingers a little greasy, without preventing you from still picking up your drink. Their burgers are made fresh every day and the service was great! And to top it off, the price of the burger is old-school too at $3.75 and the combo with fresh cut fries at $7.50! You are simply not going to get a better balance of taste, quality and price anywhere in Mississauga.

Here are some burger polls we have conducted over the past year in Mississauga:

What’s your favourite burger joint in Mississauga?
C & Dubbs - 39%
The Fire Pit - 19%
On The Bun Burgers - 15%
Burger Factory - 11%
Wally’s - 9%
Super Mack - 2%
P & J Hamburgers - 1%

Which Toronto burger joint would you like to see open up shop in Mississauga?
Burger’s Priest - 50%
Apache Burger - 29%
Craft Burger - 9%
Burger Shoppe/BQM - 7%
Dangerous Dan’s - 5%


Quick Bite: Ten Restaurant - St. Williams Burger

St. Williams Cheeseburger 8oz | truffle + day picked mushrooms, maple smoked cheddar, house cut fries

Quick Bite: Union Burger

Located at the new Limelight condo buildings (the condos with the green lights on the roof) at the City Centre is the brand new Union Burger.

Quick Bite: On The Bun Burgers

Located on an industrial strip on Eglinton between Tomken and Dixie is a burger joint called On the Bun Burgers. They opened up about a year ago and in speaking to the owner things are going very well. According to their Facebook page, it states “We do not cut corners, FRESH Burgers FRESH Fries. And only the BEST quality ingredients used” and that is the reason why I’m here for lunch today. Capital FRESH eh? Let’s see.

Sauga Success Stories: The Burger's Priest

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Shant Mardirosian
Owner of The Burger’s Priest