Top 5 Burgers in Mississauga

In 2015, it’s mind boggling that we are not a hotbed of burger joints like our neighbors to the east. 

Long gone are the burger places like Fatso’s and Full Bite Burgers that would have for sure been on this list, but are now in burger joint heaven.  

If a burger is on the menu, that is what I will order time and time again. I’m easy that way, but still hard to please.  I always say you can tell how good a restaurant is by the way their burgers taste, and I know I’m right. So even though our burger scene has shrunk, there are still some gems out there that deserve recognition.  

Here are the top five places to get a burger in Mississauga:

5 - Zet’s Express Premium Burgers

Just north of the OG Zet’s is Zet’s Express Premium Burgers on Derry Road. It’s a really cozy joint that seats about 20. This place sells everything, including burgers, fish and chips, pulled pork, peameal bacon on a Kaiser, souvlaki and onion rings. This place is known for their burgers for north sauga, Malton and the airport crew. The burgers are flavourful and huge, as each sandwich has 5 oz. of meat on it and they grill them as soon as they’re ordered — nothing is left sitting under a light. You can even add peameal bacon to your already generous beef patty. Yes please!

What you need to try:
The Classic Burger with peameal bacon

4 -
C & Dubbs Hamburgers  

On the east side of Dundas is an old-school burger joint that has been around since 1962, even though it’s only stood for 10 years in its current location (it occupied the house next door before that).  C & Dubbs’ claim to fame is being in the Adam Sandler flick Billy Madison. It’s in the pickle racing scene on the window panes. This place is old-school and I love it. This iconic joint doesn’t offer anything particularly fancy - just great burgers! They have a Super Sumo Burger that is a 1 1/2 lbs, but I stuck to the 5 oz. Classic Burger. I didn’t need anything fancy and had it with onions, ketchup and tomatoes. You can tell that these guys have been doing it for a while, as the beef was cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth. It has enough grease to make your fingers a little moist without preventing you from picking up your drink.

What you need to try:
The Sumo Burger (1.5 lbs of beef, 3 patties)

3 -
Burger Legend 

The burger joint in the heart of Streetsville is Burger Legend. Burger Legend stands behind providing the freshest burger possible. Beef is brought in daily and ground every morning on site. You won’t find any processed cheddar here, only real Canadian cheese. The fries are freshly cut, double-fried in peanut oil and seasoned with sea salt. Their signature burger is called The Great One and it’s topped with maple smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar cheese, mixed greens, tomatoes and a special sauce called Bawss Sauce. Ammar Al-Kuwaiti has been in the meat business for years as a commodity trader. He traded his day job for a food truck and went on the road to test out the market. The positive response led him to return the truck and open up Burger Legend in his home town. 

What you need to try: 
The Great One (Maple smoked bacon, mixed greens, tomatoes, Bawss Sauce) 

2 - On the Bun Burgers 

I honestly didn’t expect much considering the recent influx of subpar, over-priced chain burger joints popping up in Mississauga. I was greeted by Mo, the owner, and ordered a cheeseburger combo with fries. This is one of the best burgers in Mississauga. It’s also under $10, so it certainly doesn’t break the bank. The meat was nice and juicy, the cheese was melting off the patty, the bun was nice and soft and the fries were crispy and golden. In fact, the fries were actually as good as the burger itself. Be sure to check out the Off the Bun fry menu, which features unique recipes including masala fries and apple butter fries. 

What you need to try:
Cheeseburger with apple butter


1 - The Burger’s Priest

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the truth is from The Priest! If you haven’t heard of this place, Burger’s Priest is a classic American cheeseburger joint that uses fresh ultra premium beef that is prepared and cooked with old school methods. The meat is ground almost every hour and the burgers are cooked on a flat top griddle using the old smash-technique.  Shant Mardirosian is the brains behind what is known as one of the best burger joints around — and he’s a Mississauga boy himself. He opened up his very first location back in 2010 in The Beaches area in Toronto and is now working on his 10th location, just opening one in Edmonton. They also have a secret menu and if you know the answer to “How long was Noah on the ark?” you can access some of the craziest burgers you will ever sink your teeth into (don’t worry, it’s multiple choice and Google is always there to help you). Some of the celebrity sightings at Burger’s Priest locations include The Iron Sheik, the cast of Suits, Anthony Bourdain and The Food Network’s - You Gotta Eat Here. Daniel Radcliffe even told ET Canada that, “it’s quite simply the best burger I’ve had”.  

What you need to try: The Pope
(Double cheese burger with a deep fried panko crusted portabella mushroom injected with cheese)


Here is a polls that we conducted over the past three months in Mississauga:
What’s your favourite burger joint in Mississauga?

The Burger’s Priest - 39%
C & Dubbs - 24%
Burger Legend - 11%
On the Bun Burgers - 9%
Zet’s Express - 8%
The Fire Pit - 4%
P & J Hamburgers - 1%
Wally’s - 1%