On The Bun Burgers


On The Bun Burgers
5030 Maingate Dr
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 281-4440 

Five Guys…MOVE OVER because Mississauga has a new burger king in town! 
This place opened up almost a year ago and up ‘til now, it remains one of Mississauga’s best kept secrets.  While this place serves up poutine burgers, masala burgers and apple butter (smoked BBQ) burgers, what sets them apart from their competition is the quality of the ingredients they use.  The owner prides himself on only using very high quality meats and once you bite into their burgers, you’ll know why. The burgers here are the juiciest in town and cooked to perfection.

My recommendation would be to go for the Poutine Burger with a side of masala fries and you will not be dissappointed… 

In terms of ambience, it is a very spacious restaurant with plenty of booth seating.  The prices are great…particularly for the quality of food you are getting.  Most importantly, the management is really friendly and truly puts love into each meal.  I’ve been a regular here since they’ve opened and I’ve had nothing but great experiences thus far.  I’m happy to have finally found a real burger joint to hit the spot after a hard day’s work…thank you On the Bun!

ps. all menu items are halal.

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