Top 5 Places to Eat in Port Credit

This little lakeside village Port Credit has a little something for everyone. It actually has over 60 restaurants to choose from, offering everything from gourmet pizza to burritos to wings to raw food.

With places like Burger's Priest and Smokes Poutinerie opening it looks like the Toronto food scene is picking Port Credit over City Centre to be their home in Mississauga.

Surprisingly, the only thing I didn't see in Port Credit was a shawarma joint -- but I'm sure that will change.

I’ve been traveling to Port Credit for business meeting, social events and dates and find these restaurants to be the most consistent when dishing out some delicious food.

Here are the top 5 places to eat in Port Credit:

5 - Country Fish & Chips

Don't blink -- because if you do, you will pass County Fish & Chips when heading east on Lakeshore from HWY 10 in Port Credit. Henry, the current owner, is a second generation fish and chip-taur. When you first walk into this place, you can tell they have spent a little more time on the interior of the restaurant. It's so cute inside and if there was a "look" for a fish and chip shop, you would think this is it. The place looked familiar. I asked Henry if it was renovated recently and he mentioned that they were on Restaurant Makeover. This place has been around for 41 years and I can tell you that they will be around for another 50 if they keep serving the fish and chips they do. Delicious!

4 - Colossus Greek Taverna

I've passed by this place, located on the east side of HWY 10 on Lakeshore in Port Credit, so many times. It's a big blue building that you have seen before, too. This place is especially nice in the summer, as it has a gorgeous and huge patio overlooking Port Credit. This is a higher-end Greek restaurant that has a real traditional Greek feel to it. I assume it has that traditional high-end Greek feel to it because, according to our server, the owner also owns a five-star restaurant in Greece. The server also said the only difference between a five-star Greek place and this one is that a five-star doesn't serve pita.

3 - Papa Giuseppe's

You can't really miss this quaint little restaurant that's located in the heart of Port Credit. If you are one of the lucky people who actually get a seat, you are in for a treat. This place has a rustic Italian-inspired dining room and is a great spot to enjoy your pizza, which is cooked in a stone oven. Papa Giuseppe's also serves house-made gnocchi and I can never say no to that. They also serve a selection of antipasti, including insalata caprese, and a wide selection of pastas including Nona's Pasta Campania or carbonara (marche). If you are lucky enough, try to get a seat directly in front of the kitchen so you can eat and watch the chef and cooking staff do their thing. In the summer months, they have a really nice patio they open up at the back of the restaurant. If you are on a date and you get into this place you look like a Don Juan!

2 - Burger's Priest

Did you know the owner of the Burger's Priest grew up in Mississauga and went to school here. If you haven't heard of this place, Burger's Priest is a classic American cheeseburger joint that uses fresh ultra premium beef that is prepared and cooked with old school methods. The meat is ground almost every hour and the burgers are cooked on a flat top griddle using the old smash-technique. Shant Mardirosian is the brains behind what is known as one of the best burger joints around -- and he's a Mississauga boy himself. He opened up his very first location back in 2010 in The Beaches area in Toronto and is now working on his 10th location, just opening one in Edmonton. They also have a secret menu and if you know the answer to "How long was Noah on the ark?" you can access some of the craziest burgers you will ever sink your teeth into (don't worry, it's multiple choice and Google is always there to help you). Some of the celebrity sightings at Burger's Priest locations include The Iron Sheik, the cast of Suits, Anthony Bourdain and The Food Network's - You Gotta Eat Here. Daniel Radcliffe even told ET Canada that, "it's quite simply the best burger I've had".

1 - 229 Bistro & 229

Yes these places are technically two different restaurants but they are next door to each other, pretty much have the same name, same owner and the food is always delicious!

Let's start with 229.It's a late-night-eats-joint that recently opened in Port Credit. 229 is unique for Central American street food made in-house and from scratch. "The menu will include tacos, Central American food, really nice tapas and will be open until 3 am so people can come and eat too, like other chefs and people that are hungry late at night. I'll be making fresh tacos that you can get in Mexico, fresh tortillas from scratch, and pupusas which are from El Salvador" says Kerkmann. This place is a bit on the smaller side but if get in you will be in for one of the best late night meals.

With 229 Bistro it's a fancier sit down restaurant. Port 229 Artisan Bistro launched a brand new lunch menu to over the past month. This place creates authentic, homemade dishes prepared with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The food will always be a topic of conversation, as one of the most creative chefs in Mississauga executive chef Dialo Kinghorn creates the incredible dishes. This is a smaller restaurant so make sure you make reservations.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Port Credit?
Here are the results so far:

229 - 24%
Burger's Priest - 19%
Country Fish & Chips - 11%
Wingporium - 9%
Papa Giuseppe's - 8%
The Shore - 6%
Ten - 5%

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