Top 5 Cupcakes in Mississauga


Cupcakes are all the rage these days in Mississauga. The little shops seem to be cropping up all over the place, and for good reason - cupcakes are small, you can make them as simple or as extravagant as you want and the flavour options are endless. 

Mississauga is home to a handful of delicious shops, and as a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, I decided to take them on and find the best cupcake that this great city has to offer. 

After much taste testing, note taking, and deliberation, I have concluded these are the best cupcake shops in Mississauga. These shops have been judged on atmosphere, selection, presentation, value and most importantly, deliciousness. 

5) Sweet Philosophy

Sweet Philosophy is a new patisserie which specializes in high-end custom cakes and pastries made from scratch. The bright pink exterior stands out along the east side of Port Credit - a nice addition to the neighbourhood and yet another reason why Port Credit is shaping up to be the destination spot in the city. Unique for: Custom designed cakes including wedding and birthday cakes. You can also find French macarons, cupcakes, chocolates, and cake pops. The space only has six seats and is set up more for pickups and takes out, which is a shame because the space would make a great cafe.

4) The Social Cupcake

Downtown Port Credit houses a quaint storefront that is home to one of the most unique cupcake shops in Mississauga.  The Social Cupcake calls itself an "Eco-Friendly" bakery. They use high-quality ingredients such as free-trade cocoa, fresh fruits and free-range eggs and refrain from using stabilizers or preservatives in their goods.  The integrity carries through to the flavour, as they are a truly enjoyable experience.  A nut/tree nut-free bakery, The Social Cupcake has a selection of mini and full-size cupcakes available at the storefront as well as plenty of options to order.  The presentation is beautifully executed, right down to the takeaway boxes.  The atmosphere, combined with the friendly staff makes visiting The Social Cupcake a sweet experience. 

3) Bake Three-Fifty

Bake Three Fifty, a one-of-a-kind (and award-winning) hotspot that offers build your own cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes, recently opened in the Food District in Square One. The newest spot is Bake Three-Fifty’s second brick and mortar location. A few months ago, the resto—which was once exclusively a food truck operation—opened its first stationary location in the brand new Market and Co. food market in Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket. As far as the menu goes, diners can customize their own ice cream sandwiches, cupcakes and milkshakes. The cupcakes—which come in chocolate, vanilla and red velvet varieties—can be customized to suit any taste and are absolutely perfect. Soft, sweet and moist, you won’t regret indulging in one (or more).

2) Dolled Up Cupcakes 

When I walked into Dolled Up Cupcakes, I knew that I was about to be amazed.  First impressions mean everything, right?  If that’s still the case for a cupcake shop, then Dolled Up won me over right away.  The shop is elegantly decorated and inviting -- you want to sit, stay, enjoy and maybe eat more cupcakes than you originally planned.  At the storefront, they have both mini and regular size cupcakes for sale in a variety of flavours.  The shop, which opened in early 2013, is owned by an engaged couple, which is too adorable for me to handle.  They provide outstanding service to patrons as well as great value and an inviting area to sit and kick back with your cakes.  Dolled Up also exceeds expectations when it comes to presentation.  Their to-go boxes are beautifully designed and hold the cupcakes upright when you’re walking home (if you can make it that far with them!). 

1) Swirls

Swirls, located in the heart of Streetsville, hit the top of the mark in almost every category.  This family-owned, nut-free facility opened in 2005 and has the distinction of being the first cupcake shop in the city. The shop is cute, well-lit and features many samples of their decorating expertise for your perusing pleasure.  The prices are great, especially considering their more complex designs. One thing I love about Swirls is how many choices you have at the shop front in addition to the plethora of delicious options for customers just stopping by for a quick treat. They have quite the list of options for orders as well.  Anything your little heart desires, it seems like they can make it.  Once you’ve chosen your cupcake and take that first bite, you’ll understand why Swirls is the best cupcake place in the city.  So moist, lots of icing, and a flavour that leaves an impression with you long after you’ve thrown out the wrapper. 

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