The Square One Expansion: A Clash of the Shoppers

Published October 15, 2014 at 9:04 pm


Ahhh…good ol’ Square One. 

The place where you could always go and shop until your hearts content, scoring the latest in fashion and never failing to find a sale in at least one of the hundreds of popular retail stores. 

There’s no doubt that statement will remain true, even after this famously multicultural Mississauga hotspot undergoes the rest of its 13-month-long facelift that is coming to an end in March.

Speaking of facelifts, Square One seems to be gearing this massive change toward the rich by adding new designer stores such as Anne Taylor, Michael Kors and of course, the ever-buzzed about Simons and Holt Renfrew. 

If you’ve been there recently, you’ll know that it isn’t the same ol’ Square One anymore. Things have certainly changed, and I am not just talking about the structure. With the addition of a seemingly “elite” section of the mall, Square One now offers stores that will attract the rich clientele as well as the average everyday clientele. A clash of the shoppers now seems to be brewing within the mall. 


Up until now, Mississauga’s affluent clientele would have to travel to Sherway Gardens to revel in some of their favorite stores (such a Holts) and now they won’t have to.

The question now is, will they?

Let’s be honest here, Square One doesn’t exactly emanate an upscale mall vibe. But with all the changes going down, it’s not unrealistic to think that Square One could gain a new identity along with its new upscale look. 

Keep in mind, Square One will now be one of the only malls that’s home to Wal-Mart and Holt Renfrew . It’s kind of like inviting that annoyingly rich neighbor over to a barbecue and serving French champagne with a couple of Lakeport Lagers. It may seem like the two don’t mix, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t like beer and/or champagne? Am I right?

Even the food court that has now been named Food Central has replaced garbage cans with humans. I can do it myself thank you but I can’t because there are no garbage receptacles.

Square One has the opportunity to bring two different styles of retail to one convenient location, allowing shoppers to find everything they need in one single place. Those who can’t afford the more expensive stores can still find something within their budget. 

Sure, you’re always going to run into those interesting Square One characters (the man with the brightly colored petticoats and striped socks is a Square One regular), but what mall is without them? You can’t tell me there isn’t a single mall out there without at least one person is sleeping in those oh-too-comfortable mall chairs, mouth open, eyes shut, drooling ever so slightly down their chin. 

The fact is that there really are only two types of shoppers — those who can afford to drop a couple hundred bucks on a Michael Kors wallet and those who dropped a couple hundred bucks on a Michael Kors wallet and now have nothing left to put inside of it. 

At least now you have the option of shopping on the more expensive side of the fence, or sticking to the side within your budget. Either way, the addition of these new upscale stores will allow all shoppers a one-stop-shop, especially if they’re looking to spoil themselves and indulge in more expensive items.

Need a fresh pair of Uggs or a nice new Armani Exchange t-shirt? How about an item from the famous UK chain Top Shop? 

Well, start saving your pennies –(er, loonies) because unless you’re fortunate enough to have the money to shop in some of Square One’s new upscale stores, you might need to stick to Urban Planet for now. 

And hey — if you’re that guy that goes there solely to sleep in the mall chairs, just think, with the expansion of the mall comes even more chairs and the opportunity for those new upscale shoppers to pass judgment on your little mall naps as the clash of the shoppers at Square One begins.



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