Nearly 3,000 people oppose large condo development in Mississauga


Published July 11, 2023 at 3:09 pm

4099 erin mills parkway mississauga
Renderings via a City of Mississauga submission

The fight against a proposed 703-unit condo development in a Mississauga residential neighbourhood continues.

In May, residents filled council chambers to voice their opposition against a proposal from Queenscorp for a 703 residential-unit development with commercial space at 4099 Erin Mills Parkway.

The development would replace a retail plaza with an Iqbal Halal Foods grocery store — previously Michael-Angelo’s and bring five condominium apartment buildings ranging from six to possibly 15 storeys with retail shops on the ground floor and seven blocks of stacked townhouses.

4099 erin mills parkway mississauga

In a May meeting, Glen Broll of Glen Schnarr and Associates Inc., there would be a mix of one, two, two-bedroom plus den and three-bedroom units but couldn’t give exact numbers for how many would be larger units.

There is no date set for a final decision on the project but residents are ramping up opposition.

A recently-formed group, called the 4099 Erin Mills Parkway Redevelopment Opposition Group, brought a petition to council on June 28. The group has a website and a Facebook page with 699 members.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Don Barker said the development would bring 703 new units, mostly one-bedrooms to the low-density community known as Sawmill Valley.

“This represents an instant 62 per cent increase in the density of the Sawmill Valley neighbourhood,” said Barker.

4099 erin mills parkway mississauga

The plaza isn’t in an area targeted for high-density development, he said.

The anticipated increase in traffic will overwhelm the already poorly-rated Erin Mills Parkway and Folkway Drive intersection, Barker said.

There are also shadow, wind and noise concerns not adequately addressed in studies for the proposal. And the reduced commercial space would mean residents will be forced to drive for necessities.

The group canvassed about 3,200 homes and got 2,876 signatures from residents opposed to the development. Some signatures were from residents outside of the ward.

4099 erin mills parkway mississauga

After past criticisms that those opposed to this project were NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), Ward 8 Councillor Matt Mahoney said this isn’t the case.

“This is not NIMBY and I don’t think what you are saying is that nothing should ever be built, what you are suggesting is that this particular proposal and application is out of scale,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney said the City of Mississauga will be able to build 250,000 homes, nearly double their provincial target to build 120,000 new homes in 10 years.

“We are not saying no to development, we as a council support housing …but it has to be the right housing, it has to be in the right spots,” Mahoney said. “We do have intensification zones and this is not there.”

4099 erin mills parkway

He added that it is unacceptable to remove about 90 per cent of the retail shops the community relies on, removing the walkability. Mahoney suggested developments need to leave the community better than it was before and this won’t do that.

The proposal also doesn’t offer viable affordable housing — it is mainly one-bedroom units, he said.

“They are not affordable, they are just cheaper.”

4099 erin mills parkway

And Mahoney criticized the design of the proposal, which is effectively walled-in.

“It’s like Fort Knox.”

In May, Broll indicated the developer is willing to revise the plan but so far there are no re-submissions online. It is not yet known when council will vote on the proposal.

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