Dog owners hang poop from trees, leave doggy doo at bus shelters in Mississauga


Published February 10, 2023 at 12:30 pm

Too many Mississauga dog owners are finding unusual, and unacceptable, methods in which to get rid of Rover’s bagged doggy doo, City officials say.

City of Mississauga parks cleanup crews have recently come across bags of dog poop hanging from trees, dropped carelessly on sidewalks and roads, and disposed of irresponsibly at bus shelters, bushes and beside trash bins and City park signage.

The careless, messy behaviour prompted City officials to take to social media today (Feb. 10) with a message urging dog owners and dog walkers to be more mindful and respectful.

“Dog waste bags aren’t supposed to be left hanging on trees, on sidewalks or roadways, in the bushes, at bus shelters or beside waste bins or signs,” the City’s Twitter post, which carries what would seem to be an obvious message, reads. “Please put your dog waste in the waste container or the dog waste containers.”

Anyone coming across filled dog poop bags that have been disposed of improperly are urged by City officials to report it by calling 311 in Mississauga.

The City will start an investigation within five business days, officials say.

Any garbage or debris left on the 400 series highways (and the QEW) or ramps should be reported by calling 1-800-268-4686.

The sloppy practice of improperly disposing of dog poop bags is not a new problem in Mississauga.

Last September, City officials pleaded with uncooperative dog owners to clean up their acts when they’re cleaning up after their four-legged friends.

Mississauga officials said at the time that while there are many responsible owners caring for the more than 60,000 domesticated dogs in Mississauga, the City continues to struggle with dog waste complaints.

“…it’s really important for dog owners to pick up after their pooches and properly dispose of the waste and the bags used to collect it,” City officials said at the time. “Doing so keeps recreational, public areas and green spaces clean. It also reduces the risk of spreading disease to people or other animals.”

As of last September, the City had received 1,188 waste-related complaints via 311 since January 2021. That number includes dog waste and other trash complaints.

In April 2022, Mississauga Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca told her council colleagues she noticed many dog owners in her east-end community were simply dumping bagged doggy doo onto the street or in parks.

She said at the time that she noticed the stinky habit during several community cleanups in which she and a number of volunteers came across the poop-filled plastic bags on too many occasions.

In fact, the councillor noted, the poopy bags represented the majority of waste they picked up during the cleanups.

“What’s happening is that individuals are putting the dog waste in bags, but then they’re literally just dropping those plastic bags anywhere. It could be on a residential street or it could be within a park or in the trail system,” Fonseca said at the time.

Jodi Robillos, Mississaugas’s commissioner of community services, said at the time that more garbage bins were being moved back into parks with the onset of spring and summer.

Additionally, an ongoing pilot program in the city encourages dog owners to drop their four-legged pal’s poop into dog waste containers at select parks.

People can be fined $115 for not properly picking up after their dogs.

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