Dog poop a big problem as Mississauga receives hundreds of complaints


Published September 28, 2022 at 5:25 pm

dog poop mississauga
City of Mississauga photo

Mississauga is asking residents to pick up after their pets to keep the city clean and help the environment.

There are more than 60,000 domesticated dogs in Mississauga, the city said in a press release.  And while there are many responsible owners, the city struggles with dog waste complaints.

” …it’s really important for dog owners to pick up after their pooches and properly dispose of the waste and the bags used to collect it,” the city notes. “Doing so keeps recreational, public areas and green spaces clean. It also reduces the risk of spreading disease to people or other animals.”

Since January 2021, the city has received 1,188 waste-related complaints through 311. This number includes dog waste and other trash complaints, a city spokesperson tells inSauga. But dog waste is a big concern for the community.

“Complaints continuously come through 311 about people not picking up after their dogs. While it might not seem like a big deal, the problem adds up quickly.”

Dog waste contaminates soil and recycling bins and causing increased cleanup costs in parks, trails, sport fields, forests, woodland and sidewalks.

And it is not safe, natural or compostable. Dog waste can pose serious health risks to humans.

“Dog feces can also attract coyotes and rodents like rats,” the city notes. “Rodents tend to eat the undigested nutrients in the feces while coyotes are attracted to both.”

Dog waste takes months to break down and when left on the ground and because most commercial pet food contains higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorous, it is not good for the environment.  When it rains, dog waste soaks into groundwater or flows with rain and meltwater and ultimately Lake Ontario. This makes it more expensive to treat water and it impacts wildlife.

Unfortunately, dog waste that remains on the ground also causes environmental issues. When dog waste decomposes, it contributes to methane gas.

Mississauga has dog waste program, which diverts poop from the landfill. People who use dog waste stations in city parks, help in this diversion.

“Thousands of metric tons of dog waste has been diverted from regional landfills and converted into energy (methane capture),” the city says.

There are dog waste stations at:

  • Churchill Meadows Community Common
  • Community Common Park
  • Jack Darling Memorial Park
  • Lake Aquitaine Park
  • Lakeside Park (Leash-Free Zone)
  • Quenippenon Meadows (Leash-Free Zone)
  • Totoredaca Park (Leash-Free Zone)

Despite installing the waste stations, the city still finds poop bags around parks and in forested areas.

People can be fined for not picking up after your dog. If caught, the fine is $115. Please continue to report issues. If you’d like to request enforcement or clean-up in a specific area, please call 311.

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