Highest-paid public sector employees earned over $600K in Mississauga


Published March 28, 2024 at 3:04 pm

sunshine list mississauga 2023

The list of highest-paid public sector employees is out and the two top earners brought in more than $600,000 in 2023 in Mississauga.

The Sunshine List or Public Sector Salary Disclosure 2023 is out and it reveals the salaries of public sector employees earning more than $100,000 a year.

Each year since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act (PSSDA) was passed in 1996, the Ontario Government has published the list. As wages have increased since 1996, some argue the $100,000 mark should be bumped up.

There are hundreds of people earning more than $100,000 in Mississauga. Nearly 2,000 City of Mississauga employees, including firefighters and managers, earn more than $100,000.

As in previous years, health sector employees with Trillium Health Partners are the highest paid in Mississauga.

The highest-paid employee is Trillium Health Partners president and chief executive officer Karli Farrow who earned $668,325.27, according to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure list.

Secretary of the Cabinet Michelle DiEmanuele earned $663,840.74 from Trillium Health Partners and an additional $179,096.48 from Ontario’s Cabinet Office, according to the disclosure list. DiEmanuele was appointed to serve in June 2021.

Jarrett Scott earned $455,141.90 as senior executive vice president for Trillium Health Partners in 2023.

Trillium Health Partners executive vice president Dante Morra earned  $407,208.76 in 2023.

Erinoakkids Centre For Treatment And Development president and chief executive officer Bridget Fewtrell earned $413,833.94 in 2023.

Top earners at the City of Mississauga included former city manager Paul Mitcham who is listed as earning $338,377.39 in 2023 despite stepping down in early in February.

Shari Lichterman, the new city manager, earned $286,103.79 in 2023.

Deborah Brown, chief administrative officer for University of Toronto Mississauga earned $330,177.11.

Peel District School Board director of education Rashmi Swarup earned $292,661.54.

For the full list, visit the website here.

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