A Slew of New Condos Coming to Mississauga


Published September 15, 2017 at 5:19 pm


Although some residents are wary of the flurry of new condo projects that have been announced over the past few years, the increased appeal of high (and low) rise living makes sense. At a time when most detached homes are around $1 million, the condo is truly the last bastion of “affordable” housing.

Although it’s true that the city is welcoming a ton of new developments, residents might be surprised to hear that only nine new towers have been approved since we last examined this issue in November 2016.

So while there might be a lot of proposals before the city’s Planning and Development Committee, there are, at present, less than 10 residential buildings actively in the works.

As far as developments that are proposed but certainly not imminent go, you can actually see a map of them here. The green dots represent the outstanding condo applications and you can click on them to find more details. While some dots represent proposals for new structures, others symbolize conversions.

According to the map, new residential buildings have been proposed for Queen Frederica Drive, 400 Dundas St. E., 760 Lakeshore Rd. E. and other busy spots.

While it’ll be interesting to see what buildings will take shape, a handful are currently fully approved and ready to go.

As of now, the residential buildings planned for the city are somewhat spaced out (as you can see from this map). Not all of them are terribly tall or imposing, either.

So, what buildings have been definitely approved?

  • The Craftsman Condos at 1575 Lakeshore Road, which is a new six-storey condo with 296 units
  • The Amber Condos at 5025 and 5033 Four Springs Ave, which consists of two 26 and 23 storey towers
  • Parkside Village (PSV) 2 condos at 510 Curran Place, which is a a new 42-storey building with 419 units
  • Parkside Village (PSV) 1 condos at 4011 Brickstone Mews, a new 48 storey building with 591 units
  • The Village of Erin Meadows at 2930 Erin Centre Blvd, a new 12 story condo and three-storey retirement residence 279 units
  • A conditional permit has been issued for 2520 Eglinton Ave. The plan is a 19-storey mixed use building
  • Condos on Broadway at 215 Broadway St., a new three-storey low-rise building in Streetsville
  • Another conditional permit has been issued for 8 Ann St. The plan is a new 15-storey apartment with 68 units)

As far as big name projects go, there are a few shiny ones in the works that will be developed over the next few years.

Late last year, Rogers hosted a meticulously planned and decidedly elegant (there were gorgeous glass pitchers filled with ice water and perfectly even lemon slices) press conference to announce the incoming construction of M City—an ambitious condo community set to be built soon.

Other well-known (and in some cases, controversial) projects include the luxurious EV Royale development slated to displace the iconic Piatto restaurant, a condo set to takeover the lands currently occupied by long-standing family restaurant Wally’s, the Daniel’s Wesley Tower and the proposed affordable housing project at 360 City Centre Drive (which will also be built by Daniel’s).

So, what do you think, Mississauga? Are you excited about the new developments and other proposed projects? Or do you think the city is welcoming too many towers (or not enough)?

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