5 Places to Get Chicken & Waffles in Mississauga


Once considered a bizarre and unorthodox dish, the chicken and waffles combo has absolutely exploded in popularity and for good reason -- it's delicious. It combines fried chicken (sometimes an entire breast and sometimes just fingers) and a waffle and is often served at breakfast time with syrup and butter.

Sadly, if you're on the hunt for chicken and waffles in Mississauga, you'll be hard pressed to find a plethora of options. That said, we managed to scare up five places that serve the indulgent southern delicacy.

Panagio's All Day Grill

Located in a plaza on the corner of Creditview and Britannia is Panagio’s All Day Grill and they serve chicken and waffles until they close at 4pm. The atmosphere of Panagio’s is really nice compared to other all day diners in the city. The menu has a large variety of interesting dishes, offering all day breakfast burgers, poutine and, of course, chicken and waffles.

Bistro Narra 

Bistro Narra is a restaurant mostly known to locals, as it is tucked away in a retail plaza off of Thomas St. in the Churchill Meadows neighbourhood. It recently went through new ownership but the restaurant has been in business for over 20 years. Bistro Narra is a different concept and their dinner menu offers surf & turf and lobster crepes and specialties like the Narra Schnizel as well as the chicken and waffles. For dessert, you can have the Salzburger Nockerl, which is their specialty souffle.   

Drake, A Firkin Pub 

The chicken and waffles are a brand new edition to the resto’s menu. The dish is comprised of two generously-sized boneless chicken pieces. They’re served with a side of brussels sprouts, which is different but actually works well. Back in 2013, this old school British pub underwent a complete makeover and now boasts a sleeker, more stylish aesthetic and the food is damn good!

Door FiftyFive

Door Fiftyfive in Port Credit has probably been the hottest bar since it opened last year! While it's mainly a bar (actually, Mississauga's very first speakeasy-style bar) it does have a kick ass menu selection of southern foods and one of the offerings is chicken and waffles! The chicken and waffles come on an old-school tin plate and are comprised of a full fried chicken breast, house-made gravy, a side of maple syrup and homemade waffles that melt in your mouth.


Now we are getting into the chicken and waffles they serve down south. The dish they serve at Kravingz boasts a fried chicken breast (bone-in) and waffles that are made in-house! Absolutely delicious! Kravingz is a brunch spot in Clarkson that boasts a made-from-scratch menu that supports local suppliers. The Chicken N' Waffles (crispy fried chicken served with bacon and jalapeno waffles, bacon dressing and coleslaw) is top notch.


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