5 Most Watched Caught on Video Moments in 2018


Published December 27, 2018 at 8:31 pm


There is no moment like one that’s caught on video and immortalized on the internet forever—and Mississauga had a lot of those this year.

In 2018, there was a mix of unfortunate and memorable moments that were caught on video in Mississauga — an explosion that rocked a commercial building on Hurontario St., an argument between a council candidate and his potential constituents and store employees fending off thieves with swords.   

But some moments stood out to inSauga readers more than others. 

Here are the most watched “CAUGHT ON VIDEO” moments in Mississauga this year, so you can catch them again.

5) Caught on Video: Mississauga Candidate Gets into Heated Argument With Voters Over Signs

We are used to seeing political candidates debate and argue with each other over policy ideas or issues in the community. Rarely do we see a candidate get into an argument with the voters he or she is trying to get support from, but that’s exactly what happened in Ward 10 in the Lisgar and Churchill Meadows area of Mississauga.

Mazin Al-Ezzi, a self-described senior investment professional, was caught on video arguing with a resident over whether his lawn sign was stepped on by the homeowner; the latter asserted several times that he did no such thing. He goes so far as right up to the resident’s face, as seen in the video, using derogatory language, making bizarre hand gestures as well as threatening to call the police on the family.

Al-Ezzi was defeated by incumbent councillor Sue McFadden in the Oct. 22 election.

4) Mississauga Goes to Great Lengths to Kill Disgusting Bugs

Just a short time ago, the city announced that it was going to go to greater—but reasonable—lengths to rid the city of a grotesque pest that was making life a little less present for residents. After that, the city declared its aerial spray program, which was designed to help rid the city of cankerworms and gypsy moths, a “great success.” The city completed the program at the beginning of June. As part of the program, Mississauga conducted two applications of the spray in affected areas. The spray targeted fall cankerworm and gypsy moth caterpillars on both municipal and private property over six days. As fall cankerworm and gypsy moth caterpillars grow, they consume large quantities of tree leaves. They have the ability to quickly strip trees of their leaves, leading to the tree becoming weak and susceptible to disease.

Here’s a video of the aerial spray, courtesy of the City of Mississauga:

IMG_0035 from insauga on Vimeo.

3) VIDEO: Massive Explosion Knocks Out Power in Mississauga

On Oct. 3, a massive—and somewhat visually spectacular—explosion took out power in a large swath of Mississauga’s City Centre neighbourhood. According to Peel police, officers received a call shortly before 7:50 p.m. about a light pole going out in the Hurontario Street area. As a result, 3,259 homes and businesses lost power from Burnhamthorpe Rd. E. to Dundas St. E.

A Twitter user named Prashant Thankappan posted the following video of the explosion, which you can see at the 21 and 25 second marks. 

So, what caused the explosion? According to Alectra Utilities, the disruption was caused by equipment anomalies.Alectra says that while these events are rare and infrequent, they can be caused by various factors including: Supply/transmission issues, cable faults (underground or overhead) and transformer malfunction.

2) CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Crazy Video Shows Store Owners Fend Off Armed Thieves with Swords in Mississauga

This fall, the attempted robbery of a Mississauga jewellery store was thwarted when store employees chased the suspects off with swords. Police say the attempted robbery took place at Ashok Jewellers, a Malton store located in the Airport Rd. and Morningstar Dr. area, in the afternoon hours of Nov. 21.

A video of the incident, posted to the Brampton Beats Facebook page, shows the suspects breaking a window and attempting to enter the establishment.

The same video shows store employees fending the suspects off with swords.

While the employees were successful in fending off the prospective thieves, police warned residents not to take matters into their own hands in such situations, as the outcome could have been very different.

1) CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Rare Footage of Mississauga Explosion as it Happens

In early 2018, an explosion ripped through a commercial building in Mississauga. Peel police said they were called to the scene of an explosion in a commercial area in the Hurontario St. and Agnes St. area around 7:28 a.m. on Feb. 13. In the immediate aftermath, three people were transported to hospital with minor to moderate injuries. The blast prompted authorities to close a huge swath of one of the city’s busiest streets, as well as multiple businesses. Even TL Kennedy Secondary School was briefly closed in the wake of the incident.

You can see a video of the aftermath of the explosion, courtesy of The 4K Guy, below:

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