What's open and closed Civic Holiday Monday in Mississauga

Monday August 3, 2015 is the Civic Holiday in Mississauga and here’s what’s open and closed.

It’s called the “civic” holiday because it is the holiday that cities have authority to name.
Perhaps Mississauga should give this holiday a name?


Top 5 Most Popular New Openings of 2015

Here are the top 5 most popular new restaurant openings so far this year in 2015 based on the amount of page views on the first week the article got released:

Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Mississauga

Ah, the fine dining experience. It's not too often you get to go out and treat yourself to a decadent and gourmet meal, so when you do get the chance to do it up, you've got to do it right.

Top 5 Under the Radar Restaurants in Mississauga

Whether they are hidden from major streets or just haven't got their rightful attention in the Mississauga food scene, these food gems are under the radar.

Top 5 Burgers in Mississauga

In 2015, it’s mind boggling that we are not a hotbed of burger joints like our neighbors to the east. 

It's PHO Time! Top 5 Pho Places in Mississauga

Anytime is a good time for pho - a popular Vietnamese rice noodle soup that is eaten at any time of day in certain regions of Vietnam. Mississauga has its fair share of Vietnamese restaurants that serve pho (commonly mispronounced as "pho"; the correct pronunciation is "fuh.")

Top 5 Pasta in Mississauga

When you're super hungry, nothing hits the spot like an exceptional bowl of pasta -- and luckily for us, Mississauga has some great options.

Mississauga's Top 5 Patios for the Summer

Summer is finally here and we can enjoy the long-awaited patio season in Mississauga where summer gear and walking traffic in the city skyrockets.

Fito Blanko - Mississauga to Miami to Furious 7

Canadians tend to get excited about homegrown talent and for good reason: it's hard out there for any artist, let alone one from a suburb far from the musical meccas that are many major American ci

music insauga: John River

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters:

My sound is developing and still growing. I’m happy with the heights it’s reached currently but I think it’s just really coming into its own. 

This weekend insauga

July 31 to Aug 3
This weekend in Mississauga is the civic long weekend and there’s lots of outdoor events going from a cool geek fest to cultural festivals to outdoor music and movies. Check out everything going on this weekend insauga>

Top 5 Make-Out Spots in Mississauga

Kissing in public -- seriously kissing, not just pecking affectionately while standing at a crosswalk -- is, in some circles, frowned upon. It's crass, "they" say.

Top 5 Annoying People in Mississauga

Mississauga is an amazing, diverse city with a massive and growing population.

Where Do People in Mississauga Travel To?

According to Allison Wallace, the director of media and communications with Flight Centre, people from Mississauga are big fans of worldwide travel.

Top 5 Wedding Picture Spots in Mississauga

Summer means many things to many people. It typically means (in our neck of the woods, at least) lakefront beaches, cottages and precious outdoor activities. It also means weddings.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mississauga

Here are some random things about Mississauga that you probably didn't know that may win you a bar bet or two in the future. You owe us a beer!

It's Time to Build a Subway to Square One

Mississauga is becoming a big city and it needs to start making big city investments. A city is defined by its investments in infrastructure.

The 1974 Square One Mall Directory

In 1974 the biggest mall in Canada at the time Square One in Mississauga opened its doors to 160 retailers.

5 Reasons There Are No Hipsters in Mississauga

Skinny Jeans and dressing like a lumberjack with a massive beard: the telltale signs of a hipster. Stroll down Queen West, Parkdale or Ossington and you see these guys drinking PBR and talking

What Marilyn Monroe Could Have Looked Like

It's hard to imagine the Mississauga skyline without Absolute Condos (aka "Marilyn Monroe Towers") but it could have been another design that could have graced Mississauga.