What's Open & Closed this Easter Weekend


Here is a guide to what’s open and closed in Mississauga on this Easter Weekend 2014.
(Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Saturday is a normal business day) 

Here’s what’s open Good Friday:

This Weekend insauga

April 17-20
This weekend in Mississauga is the Easter Long Weekend and there is something for everyone from an Easter fair to a pet show to an extra night of going out. Check out everything going on this weekend insauga>

Top 5 Dating Ideas on a Budget in Mississauga

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, dinner and movies become stock date night ideas.  Although delicious and entertaining, they do not have the ring of an exciting new adventure to conquer together. 

music insauga: Morning Thieves

The alternative rock sound of local Mississauga band, Morning Thieves literally has the ability to charm your ears and transport your mind to another place through gritty guitars, powerfully infect

5 Unique Places to People Watch in Mississauga

People watching — the art of observing local inhabitants for your own personal knowledge and entertainment.  Many people, myself included, make it a habit to take in Mississauga sights and sounds wherever we go.

5 Great Summer Parks in Mississauga

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining…can you feel it? Summer might actually be on its way (though, with the bitter cold Mother Nature teased us with last week, maybe I won’t hold my breath)! Regardless, you should get out. With winter finally over, Mississauga is in full bloom and if you take a closer look at some of the city’s parks, you’ll see why.

10,000 Runners Tackle 11th Mississauga Marathon

Each and every year, the much-anticipated Mississauga Marathon — a Boston Marathon-qualifying race — grows bigger. 

Top 5 Bike Shops in Mississauga

Skiis and Biikes
Skiis and Biikes is just that, a ski and bike shop! With many locations across Canada, their mantra is “service, service, service.” Along with the bikes and skis, they also sell footwear and clothing as well as offering a service for your skis or snowboards.

Billy Talent To Host Sauga Stars Showcase

The boys are back in town! The Mississauga Arts Council announced that Canada’s Superstar Punk Rock Band, Billy Talent, will host this year’s ‘Sauga Stars Youth Talent Showcase in celebration of the Meadowvale Theatre’s 25th Anniversary on April 25, 2014!

Mississauga's New City Brand Unveiled

A new brand for the City of Mississauga was unveiled today at a presentation to General Council (GC), together with the corporate report and brand implementation plan.  The report will go to Council on March 5 for approval. 

Sheridan’s Second Mississauga Campus Approved

Mississauga City Council approved the Lease Agreement which will allow the construction of a second campus building on the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Hazel McCallion Cam

The 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment

The corner of Mavis and Dundas Streets, halfway between Erindale and Cooksville, was rocked the evening of Sunday, November 10, 1979. A 106-car Canadian Pacific freight train derailed, causing an explosion of poisonous chemicals.

Mississauga's Top 5 Pizza Places

All my friends know that I love to eat! One of my favorite things to eat is pizza and a great pizza is hard to find in Mississauga. There are the Pizza Pizza’s and Pizza Hut’s of the world and they have their place as the production line of pizza’s - not much love there. I have searched high and low in Mississauga to quench my pizza craving and here is my list of the top 5 Pizza places based on taste, service and price.

Mississauga's Top 5 Afghan Restaurants

Growing up, I lived all over the world before living in Mississauga and one of my favourite cuisines has been Afghan. How can one resist fresh, warm naan and spicy, flavourful and tender kabob meats? Not to mention the special sauces that come with every meal!

Top 5 Sandwiches in Mississauga

There is nothing better than a good sandwich when you are on the go in Mississauga. Why not skip that sub this week and go for a good homemade veal, smoked meat or pulled pork sandwich?

New Openings: Burger Legend in Streetsville

There’s a new burger joint in town - in the heart of Streetsville and it’s called Burger Legend. 

Top 5 Cupcakes in Mississauga

Cupcakes are all the rage these days in Mississauga. The little shops seem to be cropping up all over the place, and for good reason - cupcakes are small, you can make them as simple or as extravagant as you want and the flavour options are endless. 

Top 5 Burgers in Mississauga

In Mississauga it’s mind boggling that we are not a hotbed of burger joints like our neighbors to the east Toronto.

Bier Markt Opening in Mississauga’s City Centre

I recently caught up with Bier Markt’s operating partner, Robert Medal, to find out if the trendy TO hotspot has any plans to set up shop in Mississauga. Here’s what he told me:

inTop 5 Breakfast Places In Mississauga

Bobby’s Hideaway - Where’s the Beef?
With the dishes like the 1/2 pounder, Big Bobby, Weekender and Steak & Eggs, you can count on Bobby’s Hideaway to offer meaty, full-sized breakfast meals that are rich in protein, along with all of the heavy carbohydrates to match it.


music insauga: Selyne Maia

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters:

I like to think of my sound as radio pop with a folk influence.

music insauga: Devaney

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters:

Smooth R&B with a touch of jazz and old school hip hop. A charismatic mixture of vibrant synths, wicked bass and addictive melodic riffs. 

music insauga: Trouble & Daughter

The acoustic folk rock of Trouble & Daughter can simply be described as feel good music done right. More than right, it is actually done exceptionally well.

VIDEO: Billy Talent & Sum41 on Mississauga

On insauga.com podcast LIVE Khaled has a really fun chat with Ian and Aaron from Billy Talent and Cone from Sum41. Ian and Aaron talk about their hometown of Mississauga and how they started playing shows on milk crates. Cone discusses how fast he moved out of Ajax.

music insauga: Asleep in the Machine

We recently caught up with the up and coming Mississauga band Asleep in the Machine.

For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 140 characters:

Asleep in The Machine’s sound can be described as a modern take on 90’s alternative rock. The grunge/rock scene had a huge influence on us growing up.