Will Disney’s New Streaming Service Become Netflix’s Biggest Competitor?


It hasn't been long since Disney announced that it will be launching a new streaming service - Disney +.

This streaming service will launch worldwide over the next two years. It will start with an impressive library of shows and movies to watch, with loads of more exclusive content down the line.

This service will be launching in the U.S. on Nov. 12, 2019. An exact Canadian launch date has not been revealed yet.

Although, once Disney + launches in Canada, streamers across the country will be able to add one more platform to their options list.

And a recent Reviews.com survey revealed that some people would in fact ditch the popular streaming platform, Netflix, for Disney +.

One thousand U.S. Netflix subscribers participated in this survey. Of these 1,000 participants, 25 per cent said they would be interested in keeping their Netflix accounts and adding Disney+ at $6.99 per month, and four per cent said they'd drop Netflix for Disney +.

Although, Netflix (U.S.) is not overly concerned by the service that will soon be launching.

"We don't anticipate that these new entrants will materially affect our growth because the transition from linear to on demand entertainment is so massive and because of the differing nature of our content offerings," Netflix stated, in its first quarterly earnings report for 2019, in the Reviews.com survey report.

The following graphics reveal additional findings from the survey pertaining to the total number of subscribers for different streaming platforms in the U.S., Netflix (U.S.) subscribers' interest in Disney +, how much people are will to pay for Netflix, and the state of streaming.


Will you be subscribing to Disney + when it launches in Canada?

All graphics are courtesy of Reviews.com.

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