What's on Your Travel Bucket List?


Completing the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, munching down Montreal bagels or cycling along the wine routes in BC’s Okanagan Valley - we all have that list, don't we?

There's so much to see, but so little time.

Or perhaps, you haven't saved enough to cross an item off your travelling bucket list.

Lists are great to make. Y

ou put down your goals and wishes and crossing off even a single item gives you a rush.

But the majority of Canadians are unable to turn their dreams into reality. A recent study by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) revealed that 91 per cent of Canadians don't achieve their travel bucket list.

What's inspiring is that 59 per cent seek Canadian experiences while making travel plans. Additionally, experiences involving nature (67 per cent), road trips (59 per cent) and history (52 per cent) are the top three categories.

Obviously making a bucket list is the easy part and it has its advantages too.

Sixty-one per cent Canadians said that making a list gives them something to look forward to. For 52 per cent, it's an aspirational goal to achieve and an opportunity to try something new for 44 per cent.

The reality is a bit harsh. Most of these Canadians cannot turn their wishlist into reality due to cost (68 per cent) or because of work responsibilities (37 per cent).

But we still have seven months left in the year, so you still have time to make your 2018 travel bucket list a reality.

You can still achieve your goals. Here's how, via IHG.

Be Realistic

It's more likely that you'll do something that you've written down. But focusing on too many goals is distracting. Start with a short list and eventually build it up.

Start Local

There are number of things you can do in your city and around its outskirts.  You don't need a week off to travel. A few days or a long weekend is a good start. Look at what you want to do in your city or province and move ahead from there.

Stick to a Budget

Stay in traveler hostels or budget hotels. You don't need a hotel that has a spa. That's luxury! A simple hotel does the trick and it might even motivate you to stay out of your room and explore. Or turn your travel into a road trip and drive instead of flying. It also helps to collect reward points that you can redeem for hotel stays.

Break the list down

Bucket lists are meant to be personal, fun, inspiring but also realistic. Break your list into short- and long-term goals. Include goals that are easier to achieve too, to keep you motivated. And, think about what you put on that list. You are more likely to go canoeing than meet a celebrity.

So when are you planning to start exploring?

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