What Will Oakville Look Like in 2057?

Published November 1, 2018 at 7:30 pm

When you think of the future, what do you think of? Flying cars, robots, the ability to buy your groceries online (oh wait, we can already do that), right?

When you think of the future, what do you think of? Flying cars, robots, the ability to buy your groceries online (oh wait, we can already do that), right?

Much like a lot of people, the town of Oakville is thinking of the future too. Specifically the year 2057.

The year 2057 is closer then you may think.

So close in fact, that the town is already preparing for it.

So, where will Oakville be in its bicentennialyear? According to Vision 2057, there are big plans.

Oakville’s Vision 2057 outline brings together all of the town’s key planning initiatives and master plans for residents and council to see how different elements will all fit into Oakville’s future.

This vision includes the following key strategic directions:

  • How we will create our community
  • How we will afford our future
  • How we will live in our community
  • How we will preserve our environment

In order to explain these strategic directions, the Livable Oakville Plan is often referenced throughout Vision 2057.

Currently, the Liveable Oakville Plan, also referred to as ‘The Official Plan’, ‘Liveable Oakville’, ‘this Plan’, or ‘the Plan’, addresses the following: 

  • Establishing the desired land use pattern for lands within Oakville, south of Dundas Street and north of Highway 407, up to the year 2031
  • Coordinating land use and infrastructure requirements to guarantee that the expected growth can be accommodated
  • Establishing a framework and policy context for decision making that provides certainty for the planning process
  • Conforming to and regarding matters of provincial interest, and is consistent with provincial policy statements. 

How will we create our community?

Under this section of Vision 2057 the town looks at ‘inZone New Zoning By-Law’ – a new zoning by-law that will direct the use of land, buildings, and structures,‘Livable by Design’ – a new design concept that focuses on thoughtful design decisions that are critical to the development process, ‘Livable Oakville Implementation’ – enhancing the town’s cultural, social, natural, and economic environments by ensuring that all aspects are being incorporated into all growth and development decisions, ‘Midtown strategy’ – transforming the town into a vibrant place where people can live and work, and ‘New Communities of Oakville Implementation’ – creating new communities that are transit-friendly, walkable, and incorporate natural open spaces with commercial uses, employment lands, and solid urban cores. 

How we will afford our future? 

This section of Vision 2057 looks at the ‘Development Charges By-Law’ – the vision behind this is to collect development charges from developers in order to help fund the infrastructure costs connected to growth within Oakville, ‘Economic Development Strategy’ – the goal of this strategy is for Oakville to be the town of choice for doing business, and ‘Financial and Strategic Planning’ – the goal is to ensure Oakville’s financial sustainability.

How we will live in our community?

This section of the vision looks at ‘Culture Lives Here Strategic Directions for Culture’ – defining culture for the town and developing a strategic plan for the future, ‘Downtown Plan’ – creating a downtown cultural hub that will include an arts centre, art gallery, library, outdoor program space, and an indoor cultural space or digital hub that will become the social, cultural, and economic heart of Oakville, ‘Fire Master Plan Update’ – ensuring that the Oakville Fire Department is prepared for the town’s future growth and understanding the impact this will have on fire protection and prevention services, ‘Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan’ – ensuring the wellbeing of Oakville’s residents, along with the cohesive development of communities through recreations, parks and library facilities and amenities, and advancing the overall quality of life, ‘South Central Public Lands Study’ – using the surplus lands in south central Oakville in order to fulfill the reactional needs as identified by the previous vision, and finally ‘Switching Transportation Master Plan’ – the goal is to create a more balanced transportation system that can provide many different sustainable travel options.

How we will preserve our environment?

The last section of Vision 2057 looks at Oakville’s ‘Energy Management Plan’ – prioritizing energy management in all Oakville departments, along with optimizing energy usage in facilities, providing access to information regarding energy for all town employees involved with energy management, and lastly minimizing the impact of increasing energy costs, ‘Environmental Strategic Plan’, and lastly ‘Heritage Conservation’ – identifying and conserving Oakville’s heritage.

What other aspects do you think the town needs to look at in order to prepare for the years to come?

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