Weather Network Reveals Summer Forecast for Mississauga and Beyond


It's no secret that, some days this month, the weather outside was…unseasonably frightful. As everyone no doubt knows, we've been treated to an unusually cold and rainy spring (an unpleasant surprise after a relatively mild winter) that's left a few people wondering what summer has in store for us.

Well, wonder no more—The Weather Network has released its long-term summer forecast for Canada and it has some interesting predictions for Southern Ontario.

If you like warmth but dislike intense heat, you might be happy to hear that forecasters are predicting a summer that's a little less hot and dry. That said, The Weather Network warns that "humidity will be more of an issue."

It also says that we might have longer cold and hot snaps.

"Much like this spring, we have the potential to alternate between extended periods of both above seasonal and below seasonal temperatures," the report reads.

In terms of rain (which we've had more than enough of), The Weather Network says rainfall is expected to be near normal across the region "with the potential for above normal rainfall across parts of the south."

So, there you have it—it doesn't look like it'll be a scorcher, but it shouldn't be too cold.

Here's hoping for a little less rain going forward though, mmmkay?

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