Waste service changes coming to Mississauga amid COVID-19 outbreak


If you live in the Region of Peel (Mississauga, Brampton or Caledon), you should note that some changes are coming to garbage and recycling procedures in response to COVID-19. 

"The Region’s priority is to maintain waste collection services for the long term while taking extra precautions to protect the health of essential workers and the needs of the community," the region said in a news release. 

The region says that certain non-essential services will be suspended to support physical distancing measures and to keep collection workers from having to touch waste unnecessarily.

The region says that spring battery collection will be suspended (it was originally scheduled to start April 13). Batteries that are set out will be left behind to avoid unnecessary manual collection.

The region also says that cart exchange requests will only be accepted up to April 3.

Residents should note that in-person garbage bag tag sales are suspended at all municipal facilities in Peel. You can still pay for bag tags online, however.

Residents are also being asked to hold on to all oversized items (such as furniture and mattresses) and avoid 'spring cleaning' during this time. Large items will not be picked up to avoid unnecessary manual collection, the region says.

If you know or suspect you have COVID-19 or are self-isolating, you're asked to place used tissues, paper napkins and paper towels in a bag before placing them in the garbage. You should also place face masks, protective gloves and other home healthcare waste in a bag before putting them in the garbage. Tissues, masks, gloves and other medical waste such as dialysis tubing should never be placed in the blue box.

Residents can continue to dispose of food waste in green bins and recyclables in blue bins.

Residents who live in condos and apartments are asked to follow instructions given by landlords and property management companies. The region also asks anyone who lives in a building to wrap any tissues or medical waste in a bag before placing in the trash. Condo and apartment residents are also asked to refrain from putting furniture or large objects outside of their buildings, as they will not be collected.

Until further notice, Peel Community Recycling Centres are not accepting electronics, tires, large appliances (such as stoves, fridges and dishwashers), and oversized items (such as furniture, mattresses and other items that cannot fit into a garbage bin at the curb).

Centres are not accepting cash payments at this time, but debit and credit card payments are fine. 

Rain barrel and backyard composter sales are suspended until further notice.

The region also says clothing and other textile donations dropped off at community drop-off bins will likely not be picked up at this time. Residents are advised to hold onto anything that does not need to be thrown out immediately. 

"We urge all residents to do their part, sort their waste properly and help make a difference," the region said in a news release.

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