Virginia woman loses charm with father’s ashes during Niagara Falls visit


Published April 20, 2023 at 3:25 pm

A Virginia woman visiting Niagara Falls yesterday lost a silver chain with a single charm containing her father's ashes. She and her husband were on Clifton Hill in and around the Ripley's Believe It Or Not area.

A couple visiting Niagara Falls from Roanoke, Virginia yesterday (April 19) sadly went back to the States today missing an important passenger.

Wendy Wolfe reached out to the “Niagara Falls Canada” Facebook page today to say she had lost a silver chain, possibly in the Clifton Hill area. While a chain doesn’t seem like a huge loss, this one most definitely was as it had a charm attached with her father’s ashes in it.

“This is, I know, a VERY long shot. But, we were at Niagara Falls, Canada side, yesterday and I lost a silver chain with a silver charm,” said Wolfe.

“The charm has an ivy design around it. It has my Daddy’s ashes in it. My heart is beyond broken and I am devastated. We have to go home today, without my Daddy. If anybody has found it, I will gladly pay for the shipping and you can even keep the chain. I just NEED my Daddy.”

Dozens of Facebook members reached out to Wolfe, offering helpful tips. Over the course of the exchanges, more details came out about where the couple had visited, mentioning potential spots for the missing charm.

“We went in Duty Free then walked up the street where Ripley’s (Believe It Or Not!) is. We were in and out of several shops.”

After she was asked if they contacted the shops, Wolfe noted, “My poor husband took me back this morning and retraced every step we took.”

When someone suggested calling the Niagara Parks Police Service since they have a lost and found, Wolfe noted, “I just got off the phone with them and have a report filed.”

In desperation, someone asked, “Did you turn your purse apart? Maybe he’s still in there hiding in the lining somewhere… or your clothing.” Yes, three times, Wolfe noted.

Should anyone find this valuable keepsake, they can message her here at Wendy Wolfe Facebook.

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