VIDEO: Carlton Bear Scares the Crap out of Leafs Players


As far as Halloween goes, we all appreciate a good scare. Fear gives us a much appreciated adrenaline rush now and then that some of us need to get our energy up.

That said, sometimes those moments may come in the most inopportune times, and from the most unlikeliest of sources.

Case in point, Carlton the Bear has been representing the Toronto Maple Leafs since 1995. As far as mascots go, Carlton is pretty cute and tame. 

But that changed recently, as he was rebranded as Carlton the Scare Bear for a bit of Halloween mischief.

An inflatable version of the longtime Leafs mascot was planted inside Scotiabank Arena aimed to scare the crap out of Maple Leafs players after practice.

He succeeded, as several members of the all star line up, such as Mitch Marner, Nazem Kadri, Tyler Ennis and Auston Matthews.

Matthews probably had the best reaction out of all the unsuspecting victims, screaming like a little girl. 

So next time you see an inflated Carlton the Bear at ScotiaBank Arena during a Leafs game not moving…just standing there, maybe give it a little nudge just to see…

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