UTM & Sheridan Scavenger Hunt for Cash & Prizes


Many moons ago (well, not too many) I was a student -- a student in want of a little extra cash and a complimentary gift card to a local restaurant. Because I graduated in 2007 and 2010 (I got two graduations because I was very, very special) I missed out on a newly launched project known as Campus Cash, the scavenger hunt-themed business started by a Sauga student at McMaster University two years ago.

"We want to connect students with local businesses and empower communities and keep money in those same communities," explains Campus Cash founder Rahul Singh.

And starting in April, UTM and Sheridan students will get to experience the benefits of Campus Cash.

So, how does it work?

According to Singh, local businesses -- be they restaurants, hair salons or retail companies -- can ask Campus Cash organizers to hide everything from cash to gift cards to concert tickets around nearby college and university campuses. Campus Cash and the sponsors themselves will drop hints on where the goodies are hidden on social media and a few lucky students will be able to track down the treasure. Students who are dying for a complimentary opportunity to check out a local business can also subscribe to Campus Cash to qualify to win more prizes.

"We're going live in April in Mississauga," he says.

The idea to start Campus Cash came about when one of Singh's professors gave students a problem to solve: how to better connect people to businesses.

"This started as a business project [at McMaster] and my prof was impressed by it because it appealed to so many people. It involved more than [signing up for a prize] by just writing your name down and waiting. In Hamilton, we have over 60 businesses participating, predominantly restaurants"

As for what Sauga businesses will be getting in on the Campus Cash action later this spring, Singh says we'll all just have to wait until the project officially launches. In other cities where the project is well underway, Singh says both students and businesses have been happy with the results.

"A lot of businesses give good feedback," he says. "They say they get more "likes" on social media. It builds potential customers for the future and students are the most active social media users."


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