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Published January 28, 2019 at 8:13 pm


Mississauga is known for a lot of things, and its growing, diverse and exciting food scene is one of them. But while the city has a lot of pubs, fine dining and ethnic restos for diners to flock to when they’re in the mood for a meal, there isn’t quite as much of a social dining selection.

Until now.

Anyone who has visited Enfield Place in the Square One area has probably spotted an intriguing sign signalling the opening of The Wave Bar and Lounge. The Wave, an independently owned restaurant, is giving Mississauga residents something they’ve been yearning for.

“The Wave Bar and Lounge offers Mississauga a new concept and brand. In the market there are a lot of franchises especially around the Square One area but we want an Independent restaurant to be Mississauga’s new hot spot for the community to call it its own.” says the management at The Wave.

The owners believe that when it comes to premium casual restaurants, Mississauga has a lot of room to grow. The Wave will bring that chic and on-trend “downtown” experience to Mississauga’s very own downtown core–one that’s constantly growing and welcoming more newcomers as brand new condo towers take shape in the neighbourhood.

The restaurant is also ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the game with their meal. In fact, it’s the ideal sports bar and lounge. The Wave is the perfect place to watch sports in a stylish venue with great ambience and affordable food and beverages. 

“We created a restaurant that you do not have to go anywhere else to find. A restaurant that offers the lively atmosphere found in a premium casual restaurant, but at a lower price point,” the owners state.

“Change is key when it comes to The Wave,” expressed the management, adding that local diners will say “we have never seen and experienced something like this before” when they walk through the door.

Diners who walk into The Wave will be greeted by unique and eye-popping interior features, including sleek decor, signage and furniture.

“It gives you an essence of class with lounge seating, but also the livelihood and ecstatic atmosphere of a bar,” the management expressed.

The Wave, which took over the location once occupied by The Tilted Kilt, looks nothing like the space it took over.  

“The physical look is only one part, the food and drinks will have our customers not wanting to go anywhere else. Our take on certain food items and our own flavour is truly unmatched.”

The owners say the diverse and reasonably priced menu will represent a mix of culinary delights including different ethnic dishes, while also offering a unique spin on some beloved foods (think calamari, wings, mac and cheese and more).

“We designed our menu in a way that when you come to our restaurant with a group of friends, your friend that is a vegan or has different tastes loves the food just as much as the next person. No matter what your taste is there is something for everyone.”

As far as beverages go, The Wave offers fun cocktails, margaritas and premium liquor–so diners can be sure that a fun-filled night out is in store for patrons.  

One thing The Wave says will set it apart is its focus on creating a lively but social atmosphere–one where guests can enjoy a lively outing or a quieter conversation.

“People look for places where they can have fun but still are able to talk and socialize and we really wanted to focus on that. Therefore, we have designed The Wave in a way that each section of the restaurant and lounge caters to individual need and wants.”

The Wave has a sports lounge full of TVs that allow guests to cheer for their favourite team. The restaurant will also boast an elegant wine lounge with low tables and comfortable seating.

Patrons who are interested in hosting an event should note that there will also be a party room that will be able to seat large groups of diners. Lastly, The Wave will boast a dining area that is perfect for both outings with large groups of friends and intimate date nights.

As for the bar, The Wave has one of the largest bars in all of Mississauga.

And while The Wave is designed to seat 240 people, operators plan to open a spacious patio in the summer that will seat up to 100 guests.

One of the best things about The Wave–besides the spacious bar, elegant interior and creative menu–is its prime location in the heart of the city.

“We knew the heart of Mississauga, right in front of Square One, would be the perfect location for The Wave,” the owners claim.

“Convenience is important as we want our customers to realize that we are within walking distance to them. We are creating this restaurant on the basis of only serving the needs of those in Mississauga, our community. Being the same management team that owns Cooper’s Pub for the past 17 years, we have learned the ins and outs of Mississauga and what its residents need and want. We are not just trying to be a part of the community, it is our community.”

To check out The Wave on Instagram, click here.

Are you excited to experience The Wave in Mississauga?

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