Trendy Holiday Gifts Now Available at MUJI in Square One in GTA

Published December 12, 2018 at 6:37 pm

The holiday season is officially here, and believe it or not, you only have about two weeks to shop for all your loved ones.

The holiday season is officially here, and believe it or not, you only have about two weeks to shop for all your loved ones. Fortunately for you, there are a ton of exciting products that are perfect for family members, business travelers, artists, students, teens and more available at MUJI at Square One. 

December is all about finding those perfect gifts and MUJI—the popular Japanese brand that’s known for creating high-quality products that suit anyone’s lifestyle—will have various promotions throughout the month (and that means that you can grab some top-quality products for less).

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All that said, Christmas shopping is difficult because there’s often many people to purchase for and deciding on that perfect gift can be challenging. Because MUJI’s products are simple, functional and well-designed, they’re good for everyone. Home products can match any decor, and the apparel appeals to lovers of every style. 

Products can be adapted and used differently according to each person’s needs. Therefore, just by going to a MUJI store, you can find gifts for almost anyone on your list. 

Here are some products worth checking out:

Aroma and Fragrance: 

MUJI offers an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and an Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier ($169.00). Aroma diffusers are some of MUJI’s top-selling products and they’re known for emitting relaxing fragrances and creating serene ambiance in the home. The diffusers are available in three sizes: Portable ($79.00), Regular ($89.00), Large ($129.00). Essential oils are $19. 

Left: Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier, $169.00, Bottom: Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (large), $129.00, Top: Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (regular), $89.00, Essential Oil, $19.00

Winter Accessories: 

Canada is cold during the winter, but your loved ones don’t have to be. MUJI offers versatile winter accessories that are both warm and functional. Some products you won’t want to miss? Touchscreen gloves ($19.00-$59.00), mufflers and stoles that come in woven wool, yak wool, cashmere, boucle and boa fleece varieties ($12.00-$99.00) and hats that come in wool mix, boucle and reclaimed wool mix varieties ($25.00-$29.00). 

Wool Woven Muffler / Dark Red, $29.00, Wool Woven Large Pattern Stole / Light Gray, $69.00, Wool Woven Pattern Muffler / Dark Navy, $29.00, Wool Woven Pattern Muffler / Brown, $29.00, Boucle Watch Cap / Charcoal Gray, $19.00, Reclaimed Wool Mix Less Itchiness Watch Cap / Khaki Green, $39.00, Reclaimed Wool Mix Cap / Gray, $49.00, Wool Mix Less Itchy Cable Pattern / Ivory, $39.00, Wool Mixed Inside Brushed Pattern Touchscreen Gloves / Light Gray, $25.00, Wool Mixed Inside Brushed Pattern Touchscreen Gloves / Mocha Brown, $25.00, Boa Fleece Neck Warmer / Navy, $25.00, Water Repellent Leather Touchscreen Gloves / Black, $59.00, Boucle Touch Panel Gloves / Black, $19.00

Home and Lounge Wear

Comfortable home and  lounge wear are a must for the holidays, and MUJI has pajama sets and slippers for the entire family. Some comfy, cozy pieces you’ll love? The pajama sets for men, women and children that come in a range of materials, colours, patterns and sizes ($59.00-$79.00) and slippers and room boots that come in Indian cotton, reused cotton, jersey blend, polyester suede and boa varieties ($12.00-$35.00). 

Assorted Socks, $6.50-$12.00, Boa Room Boots / Ivory and Gray, $35.00, Polyester Suede Soft Slipper / Black, $25.00, Linen Twill Cushion Slippers / Ecru, $19.00, Side Seamless Double Gauze Pajama / Gray Pattern, $79.00, Side Seamless Flannel Pajama / Navy Pattern, $99.00, Side Seamless Soft Smooth Pajamas / Gray, $79.00

Holiday Edition Items

Looking for a stocking stuffer that you can’t get anywhere else? MUJI has you covered. Some products you’ll love? Fukukan or “lucky cans” that contain 10 different random, handmade, traditional figures that come from different regions of Japan ($20.19), miniature toy sets with a unique and playful design ($39.00-$59.00) and Japanese Origami Papers that teach you how to make, decorate, and play with flying and water creatures ($5.50).

Noughts and Crosses, $39.00, Fukukan, $20.19, Bowling Pins in a Bag (Sumo Wrestler), $59.00, Japanese Origami Paper with How-To (Flying Creatures), $5.50

If you want to purchase cozy, wintery garments for less, you’ll want to take advantage of the following promotions:

  • Yak Wool sweaters – $30 off
  • Less Itchy Turtlenecks – $15 off
  • Winter Accessories – Buy 2 or more and get 30% off

Are you looking for more household items? If so, you can enjoy big savings on the following items:

  • PP Storage and PP make up boxes – Buy 2 or more and get 30% off
  • Neck Cushions – $15 off
  • Aroma Diffusers – $30 off
  • Toys (Seasonal Items) – $20 off

For more information on products and promotions for December, remember to sign up for the newsletter here.

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