Town of Milton no longer accepting cash for property tax payments

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Published February 2, 2021 at 3:46 pm

Effective March 1, 2021, the Town of Milton will no longer be accepting cash for property tax payments for safer and more convenient transactions among residents, business owners and employees.

Taxes can be paid directly online through online banking with your financial institution.

Residents may sign in to their online banking and add the Town of Milton as a payee before entering the 15-digit roll number, located on your property tax bill.

Additionally, it is important to always leave enough time for payments to process. Residents will be charged a late penalty if tax payments are received after the due date.

Residents may also set up pre-authorized automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts to pay their taxes. To set up pre-authorized payments, complete the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Application Form and attach a void cheque or direct withdrawal form to the application.

The deadlines to enroll for pre-authorized payments are the first business day of May (for the final billing period) and the first business day of November (for the interim billing period).

Residents may only sign up for pre-authorized payments if they’ve fully paid all tax installments due prior to the enrolment date.

Cheques can be made payable to the Town of Milton and can be current or post-dated to the corresponding due dates.

It’s important to remember to send your payment well in advance of the due date. Late penalties will be applied if they don’t receive payments on time.

Payments can be dropped off at Town Hall after hours using the drop boxes. The drop boxes are located at both the Mary St. and King St. entrances. Residents dropping off a payment after hours must pay by cheque.

Should tax payments be made late, a penalty charge of 1.25 per cent will be added on the first day of default. A further 1.25 per cent interest charge will be applied the first day of each month until the Town receives the payment.

Payments on accounts are applied first towards the outstanding interest and then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

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