Top 5 Wings in Milton

Published May 27, 2017 at 6:27 pm

Wing night in Milton bonds friends and foes alike. How many times have you seen frenemies fake-laughing together while failing to tell each other there’s BBQ sauce on their chin and/or nose? Patios are made for wings and other sharable platters. But nothing is as messy or awkward to eat as chicken wings, especially when you’re trying to un-notice that attractive person at the next table. Whenever we order wings, there’s always something to debate – hot sauce versus sweet honey-based dips versus good old medium (a classic underdog). At any rate, we’ve done the work (and the debating) for you. Here are the top 5 wings in Milton.

5. Ivy Arms

This bar isn’t pretty but it’s pretty popular. Often dubbed the best patio in town, the raised outdoor surface allows for prime people-watching along Main St., while a seat at the bar will never do you wrong inside. Regulars, including bonafide foodies, recommend this place to just about everyone. So off we went … The breaded wings (with light flour) were crispy and hot, as per the server’s promise. Sauces aren’t made in-house. We tried the hot and honey, medium, and honey garlic. (The order comes with celery, carrots and ranch). The medium sauce had a hint of spice to it and went down real nice … so nice, I’d drink that sauce right out of the jug.

Price (per pound): $11.99

Fav Sauce: Medium

4. EddieO’s PourHouse & Kitchen

Wings are well done at this popular pub — EddieO’s nailed the delicate balance of a crispy coating with tender meat on the inside. Their wings are as addictive as they come, served with a great Jager BBQ sauce. The pub’s industrial aesthetic, complete with exposed beams, has large, comfy booths which are multi-staggered for optimum privacy (so y’all can lick your fingers in peace!) 

Price (single order): $13

Fav Sauce: Jager BBQ

3. Ned Devine’s Irish Pub

I stumbled upon this pub by happenstance and promptly ordered a pound of wings. They arrive with grill marks, and this gets me ridiculously excited. These huge wings were so meaty (I counted seven) and the sauces are even made in-house! I had the medium, Chipotle BBQ, and Baton Rouge, which my tastebuds adored thanks to its nice tangy kick. Try’em out … you won’t be disappointed.

Price (per pound): $13.45 

Fav Sauce: Baton Rouge

2. Luigi’s Lasagna & Pizzeria  

They’re dark and they’re freshly marinated and the meat is amazingly tender and I want to run up and down Commercial St. yelling about how tasty these wings are. Luigi’s wings aren’t breaded … but they are baked then fried. I tried a few sauces (BBQ, hot, and honey garlic) then decided to eat them plain because they were just that damn delicious! This popular spot is gaining notoriety thanks to word of mouth. Go on and find out what all the fuss is about.

Price (per pound): $8.99

Fav Sauce: BBQ

1. Memphis BBQ & Wicked Wings

You know it’s good when a national newspaper comes knockin’ for some smokin’ BBQ at a mom and pop shop.This family-run resto has been serving up southern BBQ for more than 20 years. In addition to winning accolades by the dozen, they’ve got a Woodbridge location bearing the same name. A few sauces are made in-house, such as the Alabama Slamma, and their smoked wings come doused in their Signature BBQ sauce. Overall, the Hot Creamy Parm is their most popular sauce. It looks dangerously fattening but ain’t nobody got time to count calories when you’re at the best wing joint in Milton!

Price (per pound): $10.95 for smoked or fried

Fav Sauce: Alabama Slamma

What’s your favourite spot for wings in Milton?

  1. Memphis BBQ & Wicked Wings
  2. Luigi’s Lasagna & Pizzeria
  3. Ned Devine’s Irish Pub
  4. Eddieo’s Pourhouse and Kitchen
  5. Ivy Arms
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