Top 5 Things to Do on Christmas Day


If you celebrate Christmas on Dec 24 like so many people, you will have a lot of spare time on Christmas Day in Mississauga. So here is a quick list -- based on years of experience -- of what to do on Christmas Day in Mississauga:

Walk around Port Credit

If there was ever a Christmas to walk around this would be it! Not many things will be open today, but the sheer beauty of this area will keep you moving. Grab your significant other and hold their hand and take them along the paths and streets of PC. Start off by parking your car at the Port Credit Library and start walking south. Go on the path that goes south under the Lakeshore bridge that follows the Credit River and take a walk around Snug Harbour and make your way to JJ Plaus Park to the tip of the path so you can see Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline on a clear day. Port Credit is one of the nicest places to walk around in in Mississauga.

Streetsville and the Credit River

Another place that's nice to walk around is Streetsville. It might not have the beauty of a lake but it has a lot of hidden charms that you can explore on Christmas Day. This is another great place to bring your boo or bee to get extra bonus points. I would start on Queen Street, and if you are lucky enough, you will find a place that's open to serve you coffee for the walk. Go south on Church Street and make your way down to Streetsville Memorial Park. There is a path that follows the Credit River north and it makes its way up to Main Street. Once you hit Main Street, make your way back up to Queen Street so you can explore historical Streetsville.

Celebration Square Ice Rink

Even if you are not an ice skater (or just never go anymore), if there was a day to do it, it's Christmas Day! Grab your friends, family or significant other and come down to one of the largest sheets of ice in the GTA -- Celebration Square. With Square One closed you will have no problem finding parking. Don't pay for parking as there are tons of places around the area that are free. The ice rink will be open from 10 am to 10 pm and if you don't have skates you can rent a pair.

Watch a Movie with Family and Friends 

I like the fact that society says that certain things are okay to stay open on Christmas Day and nobody cares about it - like movie theatres. And who am I to argue? At first, I always thought it was kind of weird going to the theatre on Christmas Day, but it obviously isn't due to the large crowds I see in the evening. Also, tons of movies actually open on Dec 25 (Little Women, Just Mercy). You can also check out Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Cats or Jumanji: The Next Level. Back in the day when I had big family gatherings, we used to all go to the movies. There used to be like 20 of us going so we could never decide on one movie so we just watched the movie we wanted and met back in the lobby to go back home and eat some more.

Find an ALL DAY Breakfast place and have breakfast at 2 pm

A little tradition me and my boys had a few years back was to find an all-day breakfast place on Christmas day. There was no way we would ever eat breakfast in the morning due to all the evening festivities and eggnog we drank. So at around 1 pm, I would grab a few of my boys and the hunt would begin. We were in search of an all-day breakfast joint that was open. We didn't care if it was in a back alley of a shady strip mall. As long as it was open and had bacon we would be eating there. I think the adventure of it all was actually trying to find a place that was open and hoping to find that new breakfast joint. Either way, it was a lot of fun and we always found a place.

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