Top 5 Tacos in Mississauga


We lack real Mexican joints in Mississauga, but that doesn't mean we lack tacos. It seems that every big box restaurant offers tacos, but they don't compare to the smaller restos below.

If you want to try some real good tacos, here are the top five places to get tacos in Mississauga:

5 - Chorizo Fresh Mex

Chorizo Fresh Mex is located in the very southwest corner of Mississauga. This place is more of a fast food Tex Mex joint, but they do their tacos right. As soon as you order, they put your meat on an actual grill to cook. Their simple menu consists of burritos, quesadillas, and, of course, tacos. The steak tacos were absolutely delicious. The meat itself had a good spice to it and the toppings were nice and fresh.

You have to try: Steak tacos

4 - Marco Polo

Marco Polo Restobar is another new restaurant in the Clarkson neighbourhood - a welcome addition to the oldest community in Mississauga. The menu focuses on North American gastropub food with a Mediterranean twist. The plates are smaller which makes it ideal for sharing and getting a taste of what the creative and innovative menu has to offer. The menu includes a sharable section, big plates, greens and leafy things, in between the buns and grilled flatbreads. They even have a dish named after both Oliveira’s and Capin's moms called Anna Maria. Other menu items include wings, layered nachos, piri piri shrimp tacos, charcuterie for two, mac & cheese, steak frites, porchetta burger and a variety of flatbreads.

You have to try: Shrimp Tacos

3 - Senor Burrito

Located in southwest Mississauga in a strip mall off of the QEW at Erin Mills Pkwy is a non-chain family owned Mexican burrito joint called Senor Burrito. This Mexican resto has a small dining area -- a perfect spot to pick up lunch. It has a good selection of Mexican street food including burritos, quesadillas, flautas, tostadas, nachos, tostitos and tacos. They have pork, chicken and steak taco options. When ordering tacos, ask for the Mexican-style tacos with two soft shell tortillas, as bigger is better. Everything is made to order and you can really taste the freshness.

You have to try: Steak Tacos Mexican style

2 - Cantina Mexicana (Closed Down)

This Streetsville Mexican restaurant has actually been around for 14 years, occupying a niche in the city's sparse Mexican food scene. Once you step into Cantina Mexicana, you actually feel like you have been transported to a bar in Mexico. It boasts western-style swinging doors, pictures of friends and family pinned on the wall and a fireplace. You don't even remember you're in Streetsville until you look out a window. We had the beef and chicken tacos as well as the fish tacos. Let me tell you that the fish tacos floored us due to the taste. The fish is cut up upon order and is battered in a secret sauce and fried. One fish taco will never be enough for you. The menu features burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, fajitas and empanadas. They also have hard shell tacos and the shells are actually made upon order.

You have to try:
Fish Tacos

1 - Border MX

This brand spankin' new place has garnered a lot of attention since it opened because Mississauga doesn't have many authentic Mexican joints. The chef is from Mexico, so she knows her stuff and makes truly authentic dishes in her Mexican kitchen. The menu offers traditional Mexican dishes, including fajitas, tamales, flautas and pork carnitas. Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for Chef Rico's regional Mexican specials such as Tongue Tacos (self-explanatory) and Pozole (a soup made of pork or chicken broth with hominy and other garnishes). We tried he pork and fish tacos and they were both delicious, as you can see from the picture.

You have to try: Pork or Fish Tacos

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