Top 5 Shawarma Joints in Mississauga


There are a lot of shawarma joints in Mississauga and the landscape keeps changing. We went to dozens of different shawarma joints and some places put Tupperware-stored chicken in my pita while others used chicken from the spit and then grilled the shavings with seasoning -- the way a good shawarma sandwich/wrap should be made! 

My breath will forever smell like garlic due to this research but it was all worth it to give you the top 5 Shawarma joints in Mississauga: 

5 - Lazeez Shawarma

Lazeez Shawarma is located in the No Frills plaza at Creditview and Britannia. When I first walked in it was busy, but it's always nice when the person working behind the counter acknowledges you and just says "I will be with you in one minute" with a smile. Needless to say, the service was the best out of all the shawarma joints I went to. The shawarma itself was absolutely delicious. It was sliced off the spit, grilled and seasoned. The toppings were super fresh and the sandwich was a good size. They have great daily specials, so if you head over just look for them.

4 - Osmow’s Grill 

With locations all over Mississauga and the expansions coming fast and furious, Osmow’s has created a great process to make a mean shawarma. When you order your shawarma, it is shaved off the spit and grilled for some extra seasoning before going in the pita. They have a pretty cool way of setting up the pita bread, too. It's like they take two pitas and combine them together to give you the super wrap. Origami with pitas! At the end of the day, the chicken shawarma was a perfect balance of seasoning in the meat, fresh toppings and heat.

3 - Shawarma Hut

Located in the northern part of Streetsville at Britannia and Mississauga Road is a place called Shawarma Hut. There are about 16 seats, so you can dine-in here, even though it primarily caters to the takeout crowd. Take it from me: just order the chicken shawarma sandwich and skip the fancier menu items that are plastered to the freezer window. The sandwich is very flavourful.

2 - Shawarnado

If you’re in the mood for something with fierce flavour, look no further than a family-owned Middle Eastern restaurant located just south of Eglinton on Tomken. Shawarnado (which has a great name) sells everything from shawarma wraps and shawarma plates on skillets (only at the restaurant obviously) to salads and desserts. They definitely know how to make a shawarma wrap, which is an art in and of itself. The restaurant packs the pita with the right amount of meat and condiments without allowing the bread to rip and leak sauce all over the place. There will be no holes in your wrap here, which is a huge plus. Shawarnado is definitely one of the best in Mississauga. I wonder how they came up with the name?

1 - Roman Zaman

My visit to Egypt in 2011 wouldn't have been complete without trying a typical shawarma sandwich according to my sister. She took me on a tour of the country and taught me about our heritage and our first stop was to try her favourite shawarma sandwich. It was different from what I was used to in Canada - it was stuffed with french fries, which is very common in Egypt. Since returning to Mississauga, I could only reminisce about that fry stuffed shawarma since there weren't any spots that I knew of doing it that way - until I dined at Roman Zaman. Roman Zaman is a full-service Middle Eastern restaurant which specializes in Damascene cuisine and the restaurant is hidden in a small plaza along Confederation Rd. and Central Pkwy. The space is captivating from the moment you step into the restaurant. The shawarma sandwich is served in a sandwich bun with large pieces of chicken shawarma, french fries and authentic garlic sauce. It is extremely flavourful and I could have probably eaten two of them but instead, I saved room to try other dishes on their expansive menu.

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