Top 5 Sandwiches in Mississauga

There is nothing better than a good sandwich when you are on the go in Mississauga. Why not skip that sub this week and go for a good homemade veal, smoked meat or pulled pork sandwich? Here are the top 5 places to get a sandwich in the city:

5 - Holy Smokez

Located in an unassuming strip plaza on Dundas between Tomken and Dixie is a unique sandwich shop called Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches. It's unique because we really haven't seen much BBQ style joints in Mississauga. All the sandwiches are not only barbequed, but cooked over indirect heat and smoked with wood for as long as 18 hours. You will find BBQ sandwiches such as Smoked Sausage, Pulled Pork, and Pork "N" Slaw. I was salivating just reading the menu. I was there for lunch today.

What you need to try: Pork "N" Slaw
Price range: $3.99 to $7.99

4 - Jay’s Sandwiches of The World (CLOSED)

Jay’s Sandwiches of The World is located in a plaza on Bloor St. off of Cawthra Rd. in what once was a Portugese take-out spot called Beek Street. Unique for: Aguiar’s interpretation of world flavours (hence the name Jay’s Sandwiches of The World) from Korea to India to Italy and Cuba. The ingredients include everything from kimchi, fig spread, jerk sauce, fried plantain, coco bun, tomato sauce and peameal bacon. All of Aguiar’s sandwiches are made fresh-to-order on fresh bread (never on day-old bread, which if any, are used to make bread crumbs). Jay butchers and prepares all of the meat for the sandwiches with his home-made marinades and spices. He also makes his own sauces including his signature hot sauce - a spicy and sweet blend which is paired with his Jerk Chicken Sandwich.

What you need to try: Korean Beef Sandwich
Price range: $3.99 to $7.99

3 - Saucy Kytchen

Located just east of Port Credit on Lakeshore in an even lonelier plaza is Saucy Kychen. I say lonely because if you do not have Google Maps to tell you exactly where to turn you will miss it. This place actually has no outdoor signage, but they do have some good Italian-style sandwiches. These sandwiches were gigantic (as you can see by the pictures), but that was not the best part. The flavour and taste of the veal was so delicious and prevalent you just wanted more. This place has seating for about 10 people but does get busy for lunch. They serve veal, chicken, pork, steak, meatballs, Italian sausage, eggplant and veggie sandwiches.

Veal sandwich: $7.49

2 - Peter's On Eglinton

Located on the corner of Eglinton and Tomken is a place that you've passed by hundreds of times calledPeter's on Eglinton. When you first walk in, you can't help but think that this is how all restaurants looked in high-end hotels in the 70's. Peter's also has a deli counter that you can find on the left side when you walk in. The meat was sliced to order and was absolutely massive (as seen in the picture below). The smoked meat is imported from Montreal and boasts some great spices that truly set it apart. It's a couple of dollars more, but look at the size of this baby!

What you need to try: Smoked Meat Sandwich
Price range: $10.95 to $19.95

1 - On A Bun

Located in the same lot as the legendary music studio Metalworks on Mavis and Burnhamthorpe is On A Bun. You may get lucky and get a glimpse of Drizzy or Biebs while plowing down a sandwich. The chalkboard menu lists a wide variety of Italian sandwiches, including chicken, steak and onions, veal, meatball, sausage and onions, veggie, and eggplant parmesan. I've heard so much about this authentic family run Italian sandwich joint that I had to finally make a pit stop for a quick bite. I was lucky to have been greeted by the owner himself, Rocco, and I ordered the most popular sandwich - The Veal Sandwich.

What you need to try: Veal Sandwich
Price range: $4.00 to $8.50

What’s your favourite place to get a sandwich in Mississauga?


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Switzer's Airport Deli City

Located in what I thought was Brampton on Torbram is a deli called Switzer's Airport Deli. I was kind of glad this piece of history had a Mississauga address. They definitely don't build them like this anymore. Just look at the picture below. An employee told me that Switzer's started off on Spadina Ave. in Toronto in the 40s and existed before Chinatown. They have been in Mississauga for the past 30 years at this location serving delicious sandwiches, soups and salads, fresh fruit, cookies and pastries.

What you need to try: Smoked Meat Sandwich
Price range: $6.75 to $13.95

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