Top 5 Places to Propose in Mississauga


Published September 16, 2016 at 10:04 pm


After one or two blissful years of dating (or maybe six months or 10 years, who knows), you’ve decided that she (or he) is the one and it’s time to pop the question. You’ve bought the ring (hopefully a nice one) and it’s been burning a sparkly hole in your pocket ever since, but you just aren’t sure where to unveil it.

Fear not.

If you want to propose to your beloved, we’ve picked the perfect places in the city to do it.

Here are the top five places to propose to your future life partner in Mississauga.5) The Queen Elizabeth Jubilee II Garden


The Queen Elizabath Jubilee II Garden, located at City Hall, is centrally situated (and therefore very accessible) and marries (hehe!) a picturesque garden element with a concrete cityscape, creating an interesting juxtaposition that your intended might appreciate. The gardens are quaint and serene, meaning you might just have them all to yourselves for the big moment. The area is a sweet little oasis in the city’s bustling urban core, so bring one of those adorable mini bottles of champagne and take discreet sips after you present your loved one with the ring.

4) Adamson Estate


Adamson Estate, located at 850 Enola Avenue, is a 13.33-acre waterfront park with public gardens and a private but stunning (it belongs to the Cawthra-Adamson Division of the Royal Conservatory of Music) main house that works as an ideal backdrop for a classic and historically minded proposal. It was originally the summer property of the Cawthra family and was built in 1919, so it’ll give your romantic plea a little touch of vintage grandeur. It’s the perfect location for local history aficionados and lovers of fine white manors and the walk to get there is lovely.

3) The Glenerin Inn or Waterside Inn

Some people love the idea of receiving a romantic proposal during a weekend trip to a quaint boutique hotel (it’s pretty much the most perfect thing ever). If the proposal comes after a day or two of wine, massages and other activities, even better! If you want to treat your intended to a luxurious night (or weekend) of vino, spas and golf (if he or she is into that), you can check out the list of packages available at The Glenerin Inn and The Waterside Inn. After a nice dinner, you can head up to the room and ask your happy date to marry you. Success!

2) Richard Memorial Park

Richard Memorial Park, located in Port Credit at 804 Lakeshore Rd. W., is a spacious waterfront park that boasts a small beach area, a trail, forested landscape and picnic areas. It’s the ideal location for a stroll — and you can propose in the forested areas or on the quaint sandy beach. If you’re an outdoorsy couple, a sweet proposal on a crisp fall day will probably be perfect.

1) A Fine Dining Resto

An oldie but a goodie — you can’t go wrong with a restaurant proposal. It might seem unoriginal (but it’s really only cliché if you hide the ring in the bread basket, so don’t do that), but it’s really more traditional than anything. A fancy dinner at 17, Piatto Bistro, Michael’s Back Door or La Castile says something to your partner. It says, “I love you and am willing to indulge in an expensive meal with you because we’re worth it.” So, take that sparkly to one of the city’s more elegant restos and slip it onto your intended’s finger right before the succulent steak arrives.


  1. Celebration Square
  2. Adamson Estate
  3. The Glenerin Inn
  4. Richard’s Memorial Park
  5. 17 Steakhouse and Bar
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