Top 5 places to get Hakka food in Mississauga

Published March 15, 2023 at 9:01 am

Hakka Mississauga

Hakka restaurants come in all shapes and sizes in Mississauga.

You can go to a Hakka restaurant where you place a cloth serviette on your lap or one where you seat yourself and get your fork and knife rolled up in a napkin.

But really, you are there for two things — to eat one of the most flavourful cuisines out there and get a little sweat on your forehead.

Here are the top five Hakka restaurants in Mississauga:

5 – Hakka Ren

Hakka Ren is a relatively new family-operated restaurant run by local residents. The restaurant concept was created to bring a taste of the family’s roots to their new home city of Mississauga. The resto is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s great for a late-night meal. The food menu offers a Halal menu with an extensive selection of Hakka-Chinese and Indian dishes including appetizers, chicken, beef, seafood, rice and noodle dishes. The menu also includes an abundant amount of vegetarian dishes (they comprise about half the menu).

4 – Royal Jasmine 

Royal Jasmine is located in the 17 Steakhouse plaza on Dixie. This place is actually pretty big (and the biggest on the list), so it’s good for parties or family gatherings. Coincidentally, I was there on Eid, which is their busiest day. The place was packed and the only reason I got a seat was that I was there by myself. Considering how busy it was, the service was great and I was warned ahead of time that the food would take a little longer. The chilli chicken and the tandoori fish were cooked to perfection. The tandoori fish put some hair on my chest — wow, what a kick!

3 – Ming Room

Ming Room is located in the north part of Streetsville and boasts a modern interior. The resto actually has a great lunch deal with a ton of meal choices for $10 or less (although combos will cost a tiny bit more). We ordered the chilli chicken lunch special, and let me tell you that we should have paid more attention to that little chilli pepper graphic beside the menu item. It had an awesome kick to it. With water and napkins for my forehead in hand, I made it through. Once I got over the heat, the dish was actually really good and very filling. The chicken was plentiful, as you can see from the picture, and the veggie fried rice balanced the heat out pretty nicely.

2 – Chilli Chicken House

Chilli Chicken house is located in a plaza at Creditview and Burnhamthorpe. I got there at 9 pm to avoid the rush and was surprised to find the place packed with young diners. It’s not a trendy or modern-looking place, so I guess they know something that I don’t. When I got there, I was greeted by the owner. He asked me if it was the first time and I said yes. A smile fell upon his face and he went into his elevator pitch that started with “Welcome to Chilli Chicken…” You can tell he is passionate about what he does and you can definitely tell through his food. We had the Manchurian chicken and the chilli calamari, which had the most heat out of all the dishes we had on this list. Where are the napkins for my forehead?

1 – Bombay Chopstick

This restaurant is definitely the fanciest of the Hakka restaurants in Mississauga, with a white table cloth over each table and a very nice and inviting atmosphere.

Bombay Chopstick is back at #1 after the popular Hakka restaurant burned down in 2018 during a fire in a strip mall plaza four years ago.

But it recently reopened at 127 Queen St. S. in Streetsville, where Mondello’s restaurant used to be.

You can get all their classics like Manchurian Chicken Dry or the delicious Crispy Beef.

Hakka Mississauga Bombay chopstick


BONUS – Hakka Legend

A very popular hakka joint in the Erin Mills area, this place is known for its on-point atmosphere–and the stunning interior impresses you as soon as you walk in. The place is always popular around lunchtime, so get there a bit early if you don’t want to wait for a table. As far as food goes, the dishes are always satisfying and the spice level is perfect–exactly what you’d want for a great hakka dish. The portions are very generous, as you can see (below). Of course, the chilli chicken dry is a staple and a barometer of how good any hakka restaurant is. Just so you know, it was delicious.


  1. Bombay Chopsticks
  2. Chilli Chicken House
  3. Ming Room
  4. Royal Jasmine Indian Hakka Chinese Restaurant
  5. Hakka Ren
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