Top 5 Places to Get Guacamole in Mississauga

Published January 20, 2017 at 6:35 am


There’s no better way to eat an avocado than having it in guacamole! Fresh avocado mixed with veggies, lime and spices makes for an amazing combination. When served with tortilla chips, it’s the ultimate snack.

Here are the top 5 guac places in Sauga that will have you saying holy guacamole!5) Señor Burrito

Located near Erin Mills Parkway and the QEW, this Mexican resto is a fun place to dine and stuff your face with guac. The spacious resto is decked out in Mexican inspired decorations and has a laid-back atmosphere where you can eat and listen to Salsa. Their house-made guacamole is a smooth paste with lots of flavor. In the first bite, the lime and onion flavours can be overwhelming, which takes away from the avocado taste. But if you’re looking for an enjoyable evening with a lot of good guac, then Señor Burrito won’t disappoint.

4) El Sombrero

This Mississauga restaurant, which has expanded within the city, offers a menu full of various Mexican dishes, including tasty guacamole. The fast-food resto offers a good-sized dining area and quick service for those in a hurry. Their homemade guacamole hits the spot with its smooth avocado and pieces of tomatoes and onions. There is a strong lime taste in this dip, which can be overpowering. Their guac is served with fresh and crispy tortilla chips, which definitely complements the dip.

3) El Jefe

Once you enter El Jefe’s doors, it’s a big party. The restaurant and bar is decorated with glowing skulls and tequila bottles galore. It’s definitely a fun place to enjoy some guac and have a shot or two. Their house-made guac is prepared in front of your eyes, as the staff mix the ingredients in an Aztec stone bowl at your table. Their guac has the traditional lime, cilantro, onions, garlic and peppers but also includes in house spices to offer a little spin on the classic. Their scrumptious dip comes with seasoned nacho chips. You definitely get a lot of dip for your buck!

2) Border MX Mexican Grill and Cantina

Expect a fiesta when getting your guac here! This tiny resto is full of life with their Mexican flare and staff who are balls of energy. Celebrating two years since their opening, the family-run resto is a fun place to dine and get a Mexican cuisine experience. Their homemade guacamole is fresh and prepared with lots of tomatoes and onions. The dip also comes with their delicious tortilla chips. The guac is a little heavy on the onions, but overall you’ll be very satisfied with this avocado dip.

1) Cantina Mexicana

With 17 years of experience in the biz, this family restaurant knows good guac. The intimate restaurant in Streetsville has Mexican inspired décor, a big menu and festive music to complete the ambiance. Their homemade guacamole is fresh and smooth with pieces of tomato and onion to make for an authentic dish. They serve their guac with salsa and tortilla chips. The dip has the right amount of everything to make for a delicious snack. Once you try a bite you’ll be hooked!

  1. Border MX Streetsville
  2. Border MX Mexican Grill & Cantina
  3. El Jefe
  4. El Sombrero - Finanical Dr
  5. Senor Burrito
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