Top 5 places in Hamilton to get pumpkin pie

Published October 9, 2020 at 2:19 pm

In the age of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, let’s take a minute to pay tribute to the original: the pumpkin pie. Don’t judge this pie by its looks. It’s got a buttery, flakey crust filled with a spiced pumpkin filling. While Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, there is no reason you can’t have a pumpkin pie or two.

Take this chance to venture out of the downtown core on a nice country drive to find Hamilton’s best pumpkin pies at local markets and farms.

Check out Hamilton’s top 5 places to get a pumpkin pie (and have some fun!).

5. Dutch Mill Country Market

The Dutch Mill has long been my favourite breakfast/petting zoo spot, but now it is one of my tops places to find a pumpkin pie. The one I had was a stringy pumpkin pie, and whether it was an error (the pie was discounted) or that’s their twist, it was still very flavourful. Pumpkin pie aside, this country market has so much to see and do: a restaurant, petting zoo (currently closed) local produce, furniture, clothes, gift ideas AND, AN ENTIRE CHRISTMAS ROOM.

4. Tiny Shop Bakery

The Tiny Shop Bakery is true to its name, and in fact, is a tiny bakery. I opted for the small pumpkin pie to keep with the theme and it was jam-packed with flavour. Great size for two people. Directly behind the Tiny Shop Bakery is the Hanes Corn Maze. A 20-acre corn maze with checkpoints and puzzles throughout. Check out their website for an aerial view of some of their creative themed maze designs. Advice: if you tell your 4-year-old niece to not run away when you get into the maze, she will immediately run away to become a child of the corn.

3. Dyments Farm, Market & Bakery

The whole Dyments experience was great! The Market & Bakery is filled with produce straight from the farm, dinners to go, and of course, amazing baked goods. They also had the option for a small pumpkin pie that was delicious and beautifully decorated. Their additional touch of a decorative maple leaf made this pie stand out from the others. They only allow 2 people in at a time which made me feel comfortable walking around. To top it off, you can take a seat outside and enjoy your pumpkin pie with a country view.

2. Rockton Berry Farm

This pumpkin pie was still warm when I went to pick it up! The crust was delicious and the filling was a great balanced spice. While this location may not have any outdoor activities, it does offer small country gifts, pumpkins, and the wine you forgot to pick up for dinner.

1. Carluke Orchards

Carluke is the first place I think of when I need a pie, and their pumpkin pie takes first place. Their crust was flakey, buttery and held together well. The filling had the classic pumpkin pie flavours but also a little sweetness and nice texture. Before you grab your pie (and probably a couple of other baked goods), you can spend some time apple picking in the orchards! Great pie and a great day to spend with the family.

Where’s the best place to find pumpkin pie in Hamilton?


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