Top 5 Places For Jamaican Food in Mississauga


Published October 21, 2015 at 4:10 am


Anyone who has ever been to Jamaica knows that it boasts some of the most flavourful cuisine around. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably wondered where to find it in Mississauga. While getting Jamaican grub in the city might not be quite the same as eating jerk chicken on the beach in Montego Bay, there are some good options worth checking out.

Here are the top five places to get Jamaican food in Mississauga:

5 – Potluck Caribbean

Located in the newer plaza on the northwest corner of Derry and McLaughlin is Potluck Caribbean restaurant. I’ve been here a few times and while the food is spot on, but the service is always lacking and the servers never smile. Luckily we don’t go for the service. Like most good Caribbean places, this resto is popular for lunch and after work takeout. Potluck has all the popular Caribbean dishes and their offerings are extremely flavourful, including the oxtail. This is a takeout or a sit down restaurant.


4 – Smilez Jamaican Restaurant

Located in one of the most secluded plazas in Mississauga is a place called Smilez Jamaican Restaurant. As you walk in, you can’t help but notice how frugal they were on the interior. There is a mural of their logo on the wall that looks like it was made by a grade four class. Nevertheless, we were there for the food and we had the fried and jerk chicken and they were actually really good. The fried chicken had a perfect crispness to it and the jerk chicken had a nice kick. This place is worth the search but know that it’s really a take out spot.

Jerk Chicken

3 – Freddy’s Kitchen 

Located just south of 5 & 10 along Hurontario St. is a Caribbean gem called Freddy’s Kitchen. The address is 2515 Hurontario St., but the actual store front faces King St. They have some of the best Caribbean dishes around, including oxtail and their incredibly flavourful jerk chicken. Freddy’s Kitchen is Jamaican cuisine that honours the melting pot of various cultures that have influenced the island over the years. They also have dishes from the sea, including red snapper and lobster prepared in a variety of ways. This place is only takeout.

Jerk Chicken

2 – The Original Jerk 

Located in west Mississauga in a huge plaza by Ridgeway and The Collegeway is a place that has been around for 20 years called The Original Jerk. This place is a real Jamaican-style restaurant with enough Obama posters to show you how much he’s aged over eight years. The food is absolutely delicious and the spices on the meat, especially the chicken curry roti, are incredible. They even have a beef patty on a coco bun for the ultimate snack fix (pictured below).

Beef patty in a cocobun

1 – Reggae Fusion

Reggae music transports you to the hot sands of Jamaica in this small but quaint mom-and-pop-style restaurant offering dine-in Jamaican-fusion cuisine (also known as reggae-style cooking) and a selection of spirits, wine, cocktails and Jamaica’s favourite – Red Stripe beer. The space seats just over 20 people and is decorated in the colours of Jamaica with photos of popular Jamaican icons such as Bob Marley hung on the walls. The menu offers a mix of traditional Jamaican cuisine and Jamaican fusion dishes, all made from scratch — including the sauces and spice blends.


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