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Reggae music transports you to the hot sands of Jamaica in this small but quaint mom-and-pop-style restaurant offering dine-in Jamaican-fusion cuisine (also known as reggae-style cooking) and a selection of spirits, wine, cocktails and Jamaica's favourite - Red Stripe beer. The space seats just over 20 people and is decorated in the colours of Jamaica with photos of popular Jamaican icons such as Bob Marley hung on the walls. 

Daniel Gunter emigrated from Jamaica to Mississauga approximately two years ago and is a chef by trade, having worked in hotels in Kingston, Jamaica. An opportunity to own his own restaurant along with his business partner and sister-in-law, Andrea Peart, was an offer they couldn't pass up. 

The menu offers a mix of traditional Jamaican cuisine and Jamaican fusion dishes, all made from scratch -- including the sauces and spice blends.

Why Mississauga? "Mississauga is diverse city with various cultures and ethnicities and that’s what Reggae Fusion is about, so it was the perfect place," says Gunter. He was inspired to create traditional Jamaican favourites in addition to fusion dishes that combine both Jamaican and international ingredients.

Gunter said he heard it didn't have a great track record, so being in the same space may be a challenge. His goal is to change the perception of what once was and he hopes to gain back the former diners through his food and service. He is open to suggestions, especially since one of his main goals is to make his diners happy. 

Signature Dish: Jerk Chicken 

Signature Drink: Fusion Special is a vodka-based drink mixed with fruit juices, peach Schnapps and grenadine. 

Food Menu: The menu includes all the classics, including oxtail, jerk chicken, curried chicken roti, fried chicken (on Fridays), stewed beef and more. The fusion dishes include reggae chicken (boneless chicken breast crusted with Corn Flakes and stuffed with vegetables in Jamaica's colours - red bell peppers, greens and sweet corn), jerk chicken pasta (jerk chicken and pasta in a homemade alfredo sauce), vegetable run down (mix of vegetables cooked in a coconut sauce) and more. The resto is also open for breakfast and the menu includes traditional Jamaican favourites such as akee and salt fish, okra and salt fish, porridge, calaloo and salt fish and eggs. 

Drink Menu: Cocktail list, spirits, wine, beer. 

What's Up and Coming? Traditional fish fry event, DJ night, salads, suggestion cards, diners club (where members have access to restaurant specials).

Type: Full service, take-out and catering also available. 

Seats: 28 

Patio: No 

Licensed: Yes

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