Top 5 most anticipated restaurant openings in Mississauga


Published August 29, 2021 at 1:28 pm

For a foodie, one of the best things about Mississauga is the never-ending stream of new restaurants making their way into the city’s food scene.

A ton of popular new restos have opened over the summer, and more are on their way. Here’s our currently most anticipated restaurants:

Kibo Sushi House


Kibo Sushi House is preparing to set up shop later this year in the Food District restaurant area of Square One.

The restaurant serves traditional Japanese food such as sushi as well as seafood, soups, soups, salads, appetizers, steamed entrees, specialty rolls and sushi pizza.

Kibo, which translates from the Japanese into “hope”, is the theme and motivation behind the restaurant operators who believe that with hope, hard work will also be rewarded.

Nani’s Gelato


Punjabi restaurant Nani’s Gelato, specializing in the classic Italian dessert of gelato, will be opening this fall in the area of Erin Mills Pkwy and Britannia Rd W (in the plaza with Gladiator Burger).

Nani’s offers gelato with a wide range of flavours, as well as sorbettos and soft serve. Some of their unique featured flavours include Salted Dark Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Soft Serve Salted & Spicy Sweet Corn, and Nutella.

The restaurant says they rotate over 100 flavors each season and always have a combination of Italian inspired flavours, Asian inspired, Indian inspired, fusion flavours, and gelato soft serve. They serve 8-10 gelato flavors each week, including 8 gelato flavors and 2 soft serve gelato flavors.

Holy Wiches


Holy Wiches, described as a brand new express casual restaurant, will be opening soon at Erin Mills Pkwy and Britannia Rd W in the plaza with Gladiator Burger.

As for what’s on the menu, the restaurant features a variety of freshly made sandwiches and salad bowls.

“We’ve remixed the classic sandy with devilish spices and heavenly flavours, shall we say to die for? If you’re not grabbing and going, our ultra-modern space is great for any solo experience or hangout with friends,” says Holy Wiches.

Gabby’s and Thairoomgrand

It’s fitting for these two restaurants to share a spot on this list, since they’ll both be opening under one roof in the not-too-distant future.

Thairoomgrand recently took to social media to announce that it will be opening alongside a Gabby’s restaurant next month. The restaurants – which Thairoomgrand referred to as “two great concepts under one roof” – will be opening up on Confederation Parkway in the City Centre area.

Thairoomgrand’s menu features samosas, spring rolls, chicken wings, Thai spicy eggplant, cashew nut chicken, ginger beef, garlic shrimp, massaman curry, Malay curry, royal pineapple fried rice, pad Thai, Khao soi, coconut sticky rice and more.

Gabby’s, a Toronto mainstay that was founded by a local family back in 1989, boasts casual fare such as nachos, calamari, Gabby’s garlic cheese fingers, chicken wings, chicken tenders, beer-battered fish and chips, fajitas, baby back ribs, pizza, sandwiches, burgers and more.

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