Top 5 Hottest Food Spots in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Dec 1-7

Published December 7, 2019 at 11:00 pm

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville for the week of Dec 1 to Dec 7, based on the number of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Pho Mi 89

There may be quite a few locations across the GTA, but don’t let that fool you, each location has some specialty items that the others don’t. While this may be tricky when going from location to location, it does help make each location a little bit unique – and unique is refreshing. The satay got me again here, but it was done very differently than any other satay pho I’ve had. This was one of the most flavourful phos I’ve ever come across and if I’m ever in the area, it’ll be a no-brainer for me to go back and have another. Pineapples in the dish help to offset the nodes of spice, but the heat here is not overwhelming at all. It’s a flavourful heat that blends with the soup perfectly. When you bite into a spring onion, the flavour profile changes yet again. Oakville, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!   

4. Trish Juice

There are beets, spinach, kale, and spectacular customer service in south Oakville. And it’s not pretentious or overpriced. Trish Juice opened in spring 2018 along Lakeshore Rd. W. (meaning there’s a good chance this cute resto might be near your home or work). It’s a great breakfast, lunch, or light dinner option, especially after a particularly punishing training session in the weight room. Or if your hands are full with a baby — the owner will stop what she’s doing to help a mom with a stroller get in and out the door. But back to the bevies. I love me some fresh juice, and the beet juice, with carrot and lemon, didn’t disappoint. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather eat my calories than drink them but there’s one exception and it’s a real juice made right before my eyes, full of brightly hued fruit and vegetables, poured into a tall glass. Trish Juice is in the former K.B. Rugs spot. You’ll find hip, trendy items such as Avocado Toast, (we tried the Hummus Toast, topped with alfalfa sprouts — yum). This independently owned and operated juice bar will not only serve fresh juice, but also smoothies (including bowls), milkshakes, cocktails, salads, wraps, and quick health shots.

3. Kerr St. Cafe

This Kerr Village staple, featuring a cafe and restaurant, has such a relaxing atmosphere (with plenty of natural light) it’s second only to a day at the spa. Or a day trip to New York City, because it feels like I’m at a posh cafe near Columbia University (yup, I’m thinking of Joe’s). Superb service complemented my lunch — the aptly named Clean Bowl of Health, which was amazingly light yet satisfying. Warm and crunchy, it includes avocado, quinoa, goji berries, toasted herbed chickpeas, shredded cabbage, sweet potato mash, steamed seasonal greens, and tahini. I couldn’t get enough. To chase it, the ginger kombucha was perfect, as was the chia granola, paired with blood oranges and coconut milk. Or if you need a caffeine fix, you could saunter to the other side and order a cup of joe via sister company Brothers’ Coffee Roasters. (Note, there are no reservations during the day). 

2. 7 Enoteca

This sexy little Neapolitan wood-burning pizzeria boasts some really delicious food. Thin, pita-like dough is topped with sauce, fresh cheese and basil, and spicy salami. My pizza was a tad soggy in the middle and resembled pita bread more than pizza crust. The quality of the ingredients, though, made up for it. Dough is made with the finest “00” wheat flour imported from Naples and fermented naturally with an ancient slow-rising sourdough recipe, then baked for 60 seconds at 900 degrees in a traditional pizza oven built on-site by a third-generation artisan from Naples. Then there’s the atmosphere, which is oh-so-sexy when the lights are dimmed. Keep in mind, the kitchen shuts down one hour before closing. You’ve got to head to 7 and check it out.

1. Tavolo

One bite made me forget I was in an outdated shopping mall most frequented by my mom (and other seniors) and students on lunch break. This pizza was sublime. Tavolo, a longtime favourite, has been wowing Oakville diners who typically frequent other fabulous restos owned by Catch Hospitality Group. Try flagging a server on a Sunday night — it’s insanely busy. The pizza alone was worth the wait – fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients and that combination of margherita pizza plus salami — duuuuuude.

  1. Tavolo
  2. 7 Pizzeria Enoteca
  3. Kerr Street Cafe
  4. Trish Juice
  5. Pho Mi 89 – Prince Michael Dr
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