Top 5 Ghost Walks Outside of Halton

Published October 6, 2017 at 4:49 am

It might still be the beginning of October, but let’s be real – that means it’s practically Halloween! There’s never a bad time to book a spooky ghost walk, and if you love to get your spook on, there are a bunch of places not too far from Halton that are perfect for your creepy adventure.

If you’ve never gone on a ghost walk, you’re missing out. They’re not the kitschy and cheesy “boo!” scare events you might be picturing — they’re often as enlightening as they are entertaining. A good ghost walk doesn’t focus on spirits and the supernatural too much (although each tour is different); it emphasizes history and the dastardly deeds (think murders and executions) that took place right under our feet not so many years ago.

So, here are the top five ghost walks outside of Halton that are worth checking out.

5) Ghosts of the University of Toronto 

You can embark on this tour on Tuesdays and Saturdays until October 31, and it’s very close to home. This tour starts outside of the Royal Ontario Museum (100 Queen’s Park) and takes you to one of Canada’s most prestigious (and apparently most haunted) institutions: U of T. If you take this 90-minute tour, you’ll hear about haunting love stories, secret chambers and the darker aspects of the academic institution’s history.

4) The Original Haunted Walk of Kingston

This one is a little further away, but it’s consistently recognized as one of the best ghost walks in the country. This 90-minute walk begins in the lobby of the Prince George Hotel (200 Ontario Street) and takes you through the quiet streets of the city at night. If you take this tour, you’ll learn about hangings at the courthouse, body snatchings, and a haunted guest house.

3) The Hermitage Ruins in Hamilton

If you want to stay close to home and explore a forest at night (can you think of anything creepier?), this local-ish tour is probably a good choice. This walk begins in the Hermitage Ruins parking lot on Sulpher Springs Road, lasts about 90 minutes and is handicap accessible. As you walk through the woods, you’ll learn about Ancaster’s oldest legends, cults, rituals and a ghostly coachman. The Ruins have been part of Canadian ghost history for generations!

2) Hamilton’s Dark History

Hamilton is apparently a very spooky place. This tour starts in the alley behind Radius near 151 James Street South and lasts about 90 minutes. The description for this event is straight up and appropriate: just dark and violent stories. You’ll learn about botched executions, mafia families and horrifically violent assassinations. You’ll also learn about some dark and colourful historical characters, so this one is almost as academic as it is disturbing.

1) Niagara-on-the-Lake

One of Ontario’s finest tourist hotspots is also one if its most haunted. Starting at 126 Queen Street, this 90-minute walk will be almost as gorgeous as it will be spooky. You’ll walk the streets of one of the country’s most iconic destinations and see the courthouse, the Prince of Wales Hotel, the Royal George Theatre and more. The best part? You’ll get to visit a house that will do something very strange to your camera. Enjoy! 

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