Top 5 Fried Chicken Joints in Mississauga


If you search hard enough, you'll see that there's more to Mississauga's chicken scene than the universal fried chicken franchises we all know. Our top five looks at both traditional fried chicken joints and unique ethnic restaurants that are putting their own spin on one of the world's most beloved dishes.

Here are the top 5 fried chicken joints in Mississauga:

5 - Smilez Jamaican Restaurant

Located in one of the most secluded plazas in Mississauga is a place called Smilez Jamaican Restaurant. As you walk in, you can’t help but notice how frugal they were on the interior. There is a mural of their logo on the wall that looks like it was made by a grade four class. Nevertheless, we were there for the food and we had the fried and jerk chicken and they were actually really good. The fried chicken had a perfect crispness to it and the jerk chicken had a nice kick. This place is worth the search but know that it's really a take out spot. Note: get the sauce they offer for the fried chicken on the side.

4 - Door FiftyFive

Door Fiftyfive in Port Credit has probably been the hottest bar since it opened! While it’s mainly a bar (actually, Mississauga’s very first speakeasy-style bar) it does have a kick ass menu selection of southern foods and one of the offerings is chicken and waffles, which is perfect for fried chicken fans! The chicken and waffles come on an old-school tin plate and are comprised of a full fried chicken breast, house-made gravy, a side of maple syrup and homemade waffles that melt in your mouth.

3 - K-Pocha

There is almost always a 5/10 restaurant on our top five lists and K-Pocha is representing Cooksvlle today. K-Pocha is a Korean pub and restaurant that specializes in Korean style fried chicken. They only serve fried chicken as a whole or half chicken and they cut it up for you. The skin was absolutely delicious, as it differs from the typical American fried chicken in the sense that it's fried twice. This process makes it extra crunchy without being overly greasy. They have an awesome chicken logo as well.

2 - Lykn Chicken

Located in Malton (as mentioned in the huge trellis that you pass under on Airport Road) is Lykn Chicken. Yeah, it took me a second to figure out the name! This place has seating for one business party of six and that place was taken when I visited -- so prepare to take your food to go. All the fried chickens are made to order, so expect to wait a few minutes. When you get your food, you will be glad you did. You know when fried chicken is so fresh out of the fryer that it's too hot to even touch? That's what this was. Once it cools down and you crunch down on your first bite, you get a mouthful of crispy skin and tender, juicy chicken. It was absolutely delicious and it was the best deal out of all of them with two pieces plus two sides for $5.95. Make sure to get their hot sauce as well. I'm slowly starting to see that sometimes it's worth the drive to Malton.

1 - Koo Koo Chicken

Koo Koo Chicken is located in the No Frills plaza at Creditview and Bristol. It specializes in Taiwanese-style fried chicken and has one of the best logos I have ever seen. First off, any place that has bubble tea as the drink option for your combo is awesome. When you come in, you have to order at a counter and then take a seat that they sort of assign to you (or at least that's what happened to me!). The girls at the counter were very friendly and patient, as this was my first Koo Koo experience. We ordered the Chicken Steak Combo, which included a chicken steak, fries and bubble tea. They made the Taiwanese-style fried chicken as soon as I ordered -- no hot lamps here! The combo was better than I expected. As you can see from the picture below, they give you a basket full of chicken and it is absolutely delicious. There's already so much flavour, but they also give you the option of sprinkling extra spices on your chicken, such as curry, pepper and one simply called Spicy. Surprisingly, the chicken wasn't that greasy. The fries were good and the taro bubble tea with tapioca made it a perfect combo.

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