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It's surprisingly hard to narrow down the best dessert places in Mississauga because everyone's idea of the best place is different. Some people only frequent ice cream parlors and others swear by specific bakeries.

One person I talked to said Starbucks had the best desserts and I couldn't exactly argue (I love Starbucks and their delicious oat fudge bars more than most people), but I also knew I couldn't put them on the list (them being a big coffee chain and all).

So, I decided to narrow the list down to places that showcase innovation, tradition, popularity and atmosphere.
5) Bliss Dessert Cafe & Bistro

Bliss Dessert (formerly Spin Dessert Cafe & Bistro) offers a wide selection to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sugar fiends can now indulge in the sweet menu at this Canadian family-owned business located in the City Centre core on Living Arts Centre Dr. It has decadent menu with a large selection of desserts, such as ice cream sundaes, crepes and cakes. There are also breakfast dishes, pizzas and savory crepes. 

If you're looking for a dessert date, two can eat for $35 or so.
(not including drinks, tax and tip).

4 - Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade is the first and only location in Mississauga that specializes in desserts from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The restaurant has tall ceilings with booths and table seating and plays both Asian and English pop music. The extensive menu includes a huge variety of desserts subdivided into categories on the menu which include: fusion, pudding, soya bean, black pearl, sago mixed, black grass jelly, black glutinous rice, pearl delight, stewed, traditional, traditional pudding, sweet dumplings, cheese cakes, Taiwanese shaved ice, toasts. The menu also includes special drinks, black/green/oolong teas, milk teas, smoothies, fresh juice, slushies, soups, appetizers and entrees. The Golden Treasures Mixed sago dessert (as seen in the photo below) is a compilation of textures and flavours including popping yogurt bubbles (also known as popping boba or spherification, for those into modernist cuisine) which are as fun and as close to popping bubble wrap we'll get now that the manufacturer has unveiled a pop-less version of the popular packaging material. 

It's a mid-range dessert place, so two can expect to dine for $25.

4) Caffe Demetre

According to Caffe Demetre's website, the popular (and colourful) dessert chain has been kicking for 23 years. I remember visiting the Demetre at the AMC (now Cineplex) complex in Oakville in 2000 at the ripe old age of 15.  A friend of mine had gotten a job as a waiter there, and long after he quit, it was a regular meeting place among my well-behaved friends (we weren't cool enough to drink in parks on weekends, so ice cream was our early teenage vice). Demetre (which boasts two Sauga locations) has a varied menu that boasts waffle and crepe concoctions and myriad sundaes, milkshakes, smoothies, cakes and gourmet coffee beverages. 

The caffe, which is always packed with high schoolers, is not a great place for a quiet date or family outing -- simply because of the noise and congestion in the evening hours. It is, however, a good place to go for a waffle covered in ice cream and bananas. It's also a good place to go if you want enjoy your sugar high inside an elaborate Picasso painting. 

And, to be fair, it can be quiet in the afternoons. And to be even more fair, if loud is what you go for, it's perfect. 

It's a mid-range dessert place, so two can expect to dine for $30.

2) Apricot Tree Cafe  

The Apricot Tree Cafe has been around for 20 years this year, and occupies a nice, serene spot in Sauga's Sherwood Forrest Village plaza. It's cozy and atmospheric with white linen napkins, an apricot tree painted right on the wall, and warm orange and green colours. It's not just dedicated to food and desserts -- it's dedicated to romantic, higher end outings that aren't too high end. 

The little cafe, while being a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is known as an excellent place for dessert. Some of its gloriously sweet offerings include the Crepe Denmark (made with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate blossoms - $6.75), the Apricot Crepe (filled with apricot mousse and pistachios and accompanied by ginger ice cream and apricot chutney - $7.95) and the creme brulee ($6.50). 

If you want a variety of gourmet desserts (or smoothies or loose leaf teas), Apricot Tree is an excellent option. It's also worth recommending because it's more than stood the test of time -- it's grown and evolved. It's gotten bigger, offered more savoury dishes, and expanded its pool of loyal clientele. It's hard out there for a resto, but Apricot Tree is still kicking. And it's still delicious. 

Two can expect to eat at Apricot Tree for $30 or more (excluding alcoholic drinks and tip)

1) Dunk'n Dip 

Dunk'n Dip makes the top of the list because it's incredibly colourful and innovative. The deceptively spacious resto is located on a quieter stretch of the Lakeshore in Port Credit, and while the storefront isn't flashy, the interior is impressive. 

The resto showcases three chocolate fountains (dark, white and milk) and has light fixtures filled with candy suspended from the ceiling over the counter (there was a light filled with marshmallow ice cream cones!). Even the tables pay homage to the glorious candies of every customer's youth, with the glass table tops set atop clear stands filled with treats. 

I tried to poke the marshmallows in one stand and they were real and it was awesome. 

As for the food, well, it's good too. The menu is extensive and features myriad gelato flavours, waffle concoctions and brownie creations. Diners can choose what type of chocolate drizzle they want on their desserts, and the staff is more than helpful when it comes to explaining the innovative concept and overwhelming (in a good way) menu. 

They have also added local live music to the mix throughout the week.

So while it's easy to argue that Dunk'n Dip might edge out the competition with its newness and vitality, the concept isn't trendy enough to warrant concerns over potential fizzling. People have always loved chocolate fountains and candy, and many will probably continue to love Dunk'n Dip as long as it stays in Mississauga.

Two can expect to eat at Dunk’n Dip for $20

What’s your favourite dessert place in Mississauga?          


Summer time:

Dairy Cream 

Dairy Cream isn't particularly cozy. It's not the type of place you'd take a seat at and chat for hours, and that's okay. Dairy Cream is an iconic dessert spot, occupying the same Lakeshore turf in Port Credit for over 50 years (it opened in April of 1958). An independent fast food dessert resto that functions as a hot spot for Sauga natives of all ages, Dairy Cream has more than stood the test of time -- it's achieved near legendary status. This place is as old as or older than your parents, so show some respect and give it a try if you haven't yet. 

Oh, and it gives people free ice cream on their birthdays (if they show ID, of course). How cute is that? 

The resto can also attribute its long life to an ever-evolving menu that stays on trend. Dairy Cream offers yogurt smoothies, flurries, frozen yogurt, funnel cakes and Belgian waffle dishes -- items that satisfy both old school customers who go all out and order meal-sized sundaes and the fitness crowd who feels less guilty ordering a smoothie. 

I also once saw an entire fire fighting crew converge on the resto to order sundaes and chat with other customers. So Dairy Cream might be a good place to go if you want to meet a firefighter and/or take a picture next to a fire truck. 

Something to think about. 

Two can expect to eat at Dairy Cream for under $20


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