Top 5 Delicious Cheap Dishes in Burlington

Published June 29, 2017 at 9:09 pm

We’re all about highlighting the incredible food scene in Burlington (we’ve got nothin’ but love for the restos on or near Brant St.!) … and we’re always on a mission to bite into a new dish we can text home about. Here are 5 of the most fiscally-conservative-yet-delicious dishes we’ve tried over the last few months, in no particular order.

Dish: Burger

Location: Charcoal Pit

Description: This claustrophobic yet classic/legendary greasy spoon on Lakeshore Rd. offers eight booths and a solid burger. The grilled, frozen patty is topped with whatever I want, just like Harvey’s. Ours came with signature sautéed onions – mixed with special ingredients – (the onions were highly recommended by a regular who’s known by name) in addition to lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, banana peppers, ketchup, mayo and mustard. There’s a reason they’ve been open for-basically-ever! It’s one of many amazing burger joints in town.

Price: $4.30

Dish: Shawarma

Location: Zesty Pita & Burgers

Description: It’s fresh, filling, and from scratch. With halal meat shaved right off the spit, this chicken shawarma wrap is a phenomenal Middle Eastern meal. It’s enormous, packed with fresh garlic, hummus, sauteed spicy onions, turnips, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot sauce, and garlic sauce. We went to the Upper Middle location at Walker’s Line, which opened last October.

Price: $5.99

Dish: Pizza

Location: Pane Fresco

Description: Get in line for a slice of this yummy pizza. Baked fresh, the price of each square varies depending on your selection. This veggie one was taunting me with its glorious roasted onions, peppers, tomatoes and balsamic. City Hall worker bees and downtown residents are lucky to have access to this Locust St. gem whenever they want!

Price: $4.50

Dish: Carrot Cake

Location: Chaps

Description: The carrot cake at Chaps is beyond words … and it’s big enough to share with at least three others. Carrots aside, this cake has walnuts, pineapple, toasted coconut, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and cream cheese icing. Don’t judge Chaps by the atmosphere. Head down there and dig into this incredible cake!

Price: $3.95 for a massive slice.

Dish: Chicken Wings

Location: Mama Rosie’s Pizza

Description: Unexpectedly great sauce at this Plains Rd. mom and pop joint has got me hooked. Plain wings are tightly packed into a styrofoam container and secured with an elastic band, which taunts me to open it and dig in. So I do. They’re hot, crispy, and not too fatty — just how I love’em. The hot sauce is good enough to drink. This place is a serious underdog in the Burlington wing game

Price: $8.99 per pound

  1. Mama Rosie’s Pizza
  2. Chaps Restaurant – CLOSED DOWN
  3. Pane Fresco
  4. Zesty Pita & Burgers
  5. Burlington Charcoal Pit
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