Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Oakville

Published August 16, 2018 at 6:34 pm

When you think of Chinese food, I’m almost certain you think back to that one favourite take-out spot. You know the one! Oakville is home to a few interesting Chinese restos and these vary from the more common take-out spots, to modern a d traditional sit downs, to Asian fusion! With China being home to over a billion people, it’s no surprise that these variations in flavour and style have made their way to Oakville! Check out some of the best Chinese restaurants Oakville has to offer.

5) China Chopsticks

While there is some seating here, I would classify this restaurant as Chinese take-out food. China Chopsticks is that favourite take-out spot that’s quick and reliable. Their Singapore Special Mein Feng is a nice combination of chicken, pork, & shrimp all in a curried flat rice noodle. While Singapore is not in China, it is a popular style of noodle that this restaurant knows how to make quite well. With quick service to match, China Chopsticks can help satisfy that affordable Chinese food craving!

4) Dragon House

Another Chinese take-out spot in Oakville! Large portion sizes that help you stretch your dollar and a lot of menu options to choose from.  The chilli chicken is crispy and spicy, but their dim sum is simply fantastic! Chinese dim sum is cheap and even healthy if steamed. Dragon House has a few different dim sum options, but if you want to play it safe, try the 4 piece Pork Shu Mai for a fair $5.25. If you’re a dim sum fan living in Oakville, this is definitely worth a visit!  

3) King Szechuan

A nice modern looking restaurant with friendly service and delicious food! Prices here justify the taste. The Ye He Fried Rice is a house special rice with chicken, barbeque pork, and shrimp. It’s got quite a bit of flavour and can be had as a dish on its own. The sizzling garlic chicken was definitely a blockbuster here! The sizzle was so loud I couldn’t even hear our server speak! The sizzling platter helps to heighten the flavour and aroma of the garlic and the onions in the dish. King Szechuan is definitely one of the more flavourful restos on this list.

2) Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant

This is authentic Chinese dining. The prices here are on the higher side, but if you have one meal here, you’ll instantly know why. The service here is absolutely top quality, and the décor is just as impressive! Servers are dressed in very traditional Chinese attire which really helps to create a novel dining experience. The presentation of the food here is fantastic, and more importantly for most, the flavour is also noteworthy! With an LLBO as well, Cynthia’s really is one of the premier Chinese restaurants you will find in Oakville.

1) Celadon House

Part of what makes China so unique is its location in the heart of Far East Asia. Being surrounded by such varied cuisines, Chinese fusion is a different and refreshing option for those that are looking for something new. Celadon House is very unique in that it specializes in Asian gourmet from all parts of Far East Asia. Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Korean, and so on, all come together on one menu. The Celadon House Noodle caught me off guard completely. Curry and coconut flavours help to blend all the flavours in this dish; good luck putting your fork down after just one bite. The Hunan Dumplings were brilliant too! Peanut and soy ginger sauce with green onions really complement the pork dumplings very well. The atmosphere is lovely and the service is very friendly. The staff are very proud to offer something quite different in town and I would say they deserve to be!

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