Top 5 Bars to watch UFC in Mississauga

Published January 22, 2014 at 2:21 am


It’s Saturday night and you know an event featuring two warriors entering a cage to put on a spectacle of violence for your viewing pleasure is on. That’s right: UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has an event scheduled on pay-per-view for $69.99. Alternatively, you can get together with your buddies, swig a cold beer at a bar and check the fights out just the same. So without further adieu, here are my top five spots (in no particular order) in Mississauga to watch the UFC.

Wacky Wings:  

This spot is located in east Cooksville and gets a crowd that I love. From 20-something Ukrainian kids to 50-year-old Vietnamese dads, this spot has it all. Oh, and did I mention the mountainous Nacho Grande that will bust your gut quicker than a liver kick from Bas Rutten? DELICIOUS!

All Star Wings and Ribs:

Located in Meadowvale and City Centre this place is pretty cool for the sports enthusiast, as they haveTV‘s right inside the booths that diners can operate themselves. So for multi-sport nights you are not fighting to watch UFC when hockey is on and vice versa.  This place also is known for having 200 flavours for the wings to choose from, most of which are made in house.

Coopers Pub

A popular pub for UFC events as it sports a whole bunch of beer on tap, fight night pub grub and a friendly staff that makes you feel at home. This spot attracts an interesting cast of characters — everyone from 20-something gorilla juice heads to local soccer moms all come out for a night of “ground and pound,” which makes for unique intermingling to say the least.

Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery opened its doors where the old Fox and Fiddle location, behind the Sussex Centre. It’s a new addition to the sports bar line up with an Irish pub look and feel and it features their world famous Tilted Kilt Girls(tm) (yes, that is trademarked) in thigh high kilts and crop tops, baring their toned mid-sections and other body parts. Before you start thinking it’s a Hooters-lite, take comfort in the fact that the male staff sport kilts too. The entire space was gutted and is now filled with dark wood, framed photos and a lot of TVs — 45 to be exact — and two big screens. 


Located just off of Derry Rd. and Hurontario, this bar is smack in the middle of a very industrial area, with several hotels and truck stops lining the streets. I have never tried the food but the beer is cold and the crowd is pretty unique. The demographic boasts both business travelers and truckers, which can lead to some alcohol-fueled entertainment.  Like a 1 AM verbal altercation featuring a “businessman” with his tie undone screaming at a big-bellied trucker “I will put you to sleep BRAH!!!!” 

Well, there it is — my favorite spots to catch the UFC in Mississauga. As I look back on all the times I spent with my friends watching fights, I think to myself how far the UFC has come in regards to notoriety.  Now when you watch an event you can see A- list celebs lining the front row seats and top tier corporate sponsors from Nike to Reebok.  This is certainly a far cry from sweatpants wearing goons punching each other in the groin at events held at “Indian Casinos” for a grand prize of $8,000. 


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