Top 10 Travel Destinations Solely Based on Food


It's clear to us at that Mississaugans love their food, so it's only fitting that we let you know what the most travel-worthy destinations in the world are right now for their cuisine.

OpenTable, a leading provider of online restaurant reservations, has released the results of their "Will Fly for Food" survey, asking Canadians whether they would take a leisure trip solely because of the destination’s culinary scene.

As it turns out, 84 percent of Canadian diners would pick a leisure travel or trip destination based on its culinary scene, while 54 percent of diners said they have previously planned a leisure trip solely because of the destination’s culinary scene.

Sixty-two per cent of those surveyed have also travelled to the country of origin of their favourite food.

In terms of where to dine during leisure travel, most Canadians look for restaurants serving authentic, local flavours (80 percent), with 42 percent saying they seek out establishments where mostly locals are dining.

Looks like Canadians want a truly authentic dining experience!

“Destinations with rich food culture and a global reputation for dining are at the top of the list for Canadians when considering travel destinations,” said Ziv Schierau, Head of National Accounts for OpenTable Canada. “Additionally, Canadians love the local experience when travelling and aren’t afraid to venture away from the tourist trail when scoping out the perfect place to dine.”

Here are the top ten destinations Canadians would travel to solely for the food:

  • Florence, Italy

  • Paris, France

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • New York City, U.S.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • Madrid, Spain

  • Montreal, Canada

  • Marrakesh, Morocco

  • London, U.K.

The list is quite Europe-focused. If you look closely, our not-so-far (okay, a little far) neighbours Montreal and New York City made the list as well.

Those might be the top ten cities, but here are the restaurants and dishes within some of those cities that are must-tries, according to OpenTable:

Where would you fly for your favourite food?

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