There Are Some New Parks Coming to Milton

Published July 28, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Residents in Milton will be seeing some new parks around town very soon.

Residents in Milton will be seeing some new parks around town very soon.

Milton town councillors recently approved the final concept plans on new park developments for the Ford Neighbourhood Park and the Sherwood Community Centre Campus, along with upgrades to Sam Sherratt Park.  

Here are the concept plans for the parks approved by Milton council.

Ford Neighbourhood Park

This park is a new 10-acre parcel in the Boyne Secondary Plan located on Leger Way between 2 schools currently under construction (St. Scholastica Catholic School and Viola Desmond Public School).

According to the concept map, these following amenities were approved for Ford Park, which based on two public sessions was the preferred option of over 50 per cent of residents:

Sherwood Community Centre Park

Located at 6355 Main Street, east of Savoline Boulevard and west of Scott Boulevard, this park will complement the future Sherwood Community Centre. Staff identified several areas to expand the existing community centre with park area.

Below is a map showing potential park program and elements.

This map shows the existing conditions and the park in the context of surrounding neighbourhood:

This is the final concept plan for the park that was approved by council:

Public input sessions were held in March and May for suggestions on park elements, to include the following amenities:

Sam Sherratt Park

This is an existing park located on Laurier Avenue in the Timberlea Neighbourhood, surrounded by residential development to the north, east and west with Sam Sherratt Public School to the south.

Below is the concept plan for Sam Sherratt:

From the public input session, a number of suggestions were made:

  • Keep the softball diamonds by making improvements to the fields, such as installing a new backstop and refurbish fencing on the main diamond.

  • Adjusting park grading to improve site drainage including new culverts where required and new sections of asphalt multi-use walkway to accommodate drainage improvements.

  • New benches and trash receptacles are to be added throughout the site and casual natural boulder seating is to be put in.

  • Adding new trees and shrubs where appropriate, and a new permanent enclosure for seasonal washroom use.

Another suggestion was made to include the redevelopment of Coulson Park as part of the Sam Sherratt park redevelopment since the two parks are located adjacent to each other and connected by an existing multipurpose walkway. In response to this suggestion, staff investigated the possibility of advancing the redevelopment of Coulson Park to align with the Sam Sherratt Park project, but found it financially not viable at this time.

“We did have an extensive public consultation presenting each concept to local residents. Staff listened carefully to the people and we feel that what was approved is the best balance between staff, Council and most importantly the local residents,” Milton regional councillor Mike Cluett said in an email to

Sam Sherratt is actually a redevelopment of an existing park with no anticipated additional operating impacts until 2020, when new construction of the Sherwood Community Centre and Ford Park associated with ongoing maintenance of the parks will be included as part of the 2019 budget.

The 2019 capital forecast included the construction costs for the parks, which are:

  • Sam Sherratt Park – $624,068

  • Ford Neighborhood Park – $1,815,138

  • Sherwood Community Centre Campus – $890,228

You can read the town staff report to council about the parks here.

What do you think of Milton’s new incoming parks?

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