The provincial government is working to change the way mental illness is treated in Ontario


The province is working toward implementing a new treatment centre for treating mental illness. 

With the proclamation of the Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence Act, the new Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence has been established as a part of Ontario Health.

The new Centre will serve as the foundation on which the province will build a comprehensive and connected mental health and addictions system.

“We are extremely excited to have the new Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence as a part of Ontario Health,” Matthew Anderson, President and CEO of Ontario Health, said in a news release. 

“We look forward to adapting what we know has worked to improve care for cancer and cardiac patients. In partnership with the many committed professionals working on the frontline, we can set evidence-based provincial standards to improve access and outcomes, establish routine reporting on how well the system is performing, and foster strong clinical leadership to champion targeted improvements for patients and their families,” he continued. 

The Centre will improve the way the Province treats mental illness by: 

  • Acting as a central point of oversight for mental health and addictions care;
  • Being responsible for standardizing and monitoring the quality and delivery of evidence-based services and clinical care, to provide a better and more consistent patient experience in communities across the province;
  • Working together with sector experts, community-based providers, people with lived experience, families, caregivers and clinical researchers to create a consistent set of services and standards; and
  • Providing support and resources to Ontario Health Teams as they help patients navigate the system and connect patients to the mental health and addictions services they need.

“With more than one million people in Ontario experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge every year, our government knows how important it is to fulfill our promise of making mental health and addictions a priority,” Michael Tibollo, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, said in the same release. 

“By establishing a new Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence, we’re continuing to move in the right direction toward building a comprehensive and connected system of services that works for all Ontarians,” he continued. 

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