The City of Brampton Joins Forces With Sheridan College For a Good Cause

Published May 28, 2019 at 7:55 am

We use energy constantly throughout the day. However, the type and amount of energy we use can impact the planet and our wallets.

We use energy constantly throughout the day. However, the type and amount of energy we use can impact the planet and our wallets. Now, in order to help conserve energy the City of Brampton is working with Sheridan College, to develop a new community energy plan.

The Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (CEERP) is a new long-term plan to combine the energy conservation efforts across the City’s local utilities, businesses, industries, residents, and community stakeholders.

It will set specific energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets that will hopefully meet Canada’s climate change goals.

Some technical work and benchmarking done to date has shown that:

  • Brampton spends $1.8 billion each year on energy for transportation, residential, commercial and institutional activities. Over the next 30 years, costs are expected to rise more than 4 times due to population growth and increased utility rates.

  • Transportation accounts for at least half of all energy costs and emissions.

  • On average, homes and buildings in Brampton are approximately half as efficient as global benchmarks.

  • Brampton’s annual greenhouse gas emissions per person are about 5.6 tonnes – twice the global best practice and 10 times the Government of Canada goals for 2050.

The CEERP will create a roadmap to help Brampton achieve world-class energy performance by:

  • Improving energy efficiency and savings.

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Increasing resilience to climate change.

  • Ensuring energy security.

“Energy is such a constant in our everyday lives that we sometimes take it for granted,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “I’m so pleased we are partnering with Sheridan on this exciting new project that will have positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our community. The CEERP supports the goals of the Brampton 2040 Vision, the Grow Green Environmental Master Plan, and our Council priorities, and complements the many progressive environmental initiatives already underway.”

Community members have formed a task force to act as advisors for the development of the plan. The group will be leading community engagement efforts over the next eight months.

“We are happy to be collaborating with the City of Brampton and our community partners on this important initiative,” said Herbert Sinnock, the Director of Sustainability at Sheridan College. “The Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan will allow us to build on the success of Sheridan’s own Integrated Energy and Climate Management Plan, which has the college on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2020.”

The final report on the CEERP is expected to be presented to City Council in early 2020.

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